Newly Diagnosed - Surgery Decisions

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    Hi @Charlie2024 - It is terrific that you've found us & reached out .... it is all rather daunting & confusing at the start ... a real emotional roller coaster too that others may have difficulty understanding, if they haven't had a BC diagnosis themselves.  :(  

    Whack up any questions that you have - we'll do our best to give honest answers & support. xx

    Have you been assigned a Breast Care Nurse yet?   She will be your 'go to' person for questions on your treatment - but feel free to call our 'help line' on 1800 500 258 (Mon-Fri) to have a chat if you are feeling stressed & sad. xx  

    Try & keep as busy as you can in the meantime .... otherwise your brain can go off in 'tangents' and cause anxiety!!  Start freezing some meals, so that post-op, it is one less thing to worry about!!  

    Make sure you take a trusted buddy/friend with you to your appointments, as 2 sets of ears are better than one.  And also consider recording your early appointments on your phone - so you cam go over it again later, if you like.

    Check out this link, for lots of info on the forum that you may like to check out (we've even got funny bits, as we all ned a laugh!) - including tick sheets down the bottom, for self assessing your mental & physical health xx

    Also, listen to Charlotte Tottman's podcasts on her own experience with her Breast Cancer diagnosis.  She is a specialist Breast Cancer Counsellor - and her podacsts are VERY easy to listen to & have a wealth of information xx Click on the list that says 'show 22 tracks' and start with No 13 (the first of the First Series) .... yeah, weird, I know!  LOL tottman

    take care & all the best xx