Coping with perimenopause and menopause .

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I had idc 6 years ago ,I took tamoxifen for 6 years,I’m not taking now,had usual symptoms taking tamoxifen,but now I’m off it I’m in nature perimenopause I’d say as I’m 48 and have all the symptoms,obviously I can’t take hrt or I presume a lot of natural estrogen supplements, thinking of going to doctors as have terrible insomnia as well,just wondering if anyone has had anything that has helped? I do the usual recommended things,I exercise enough,eat well,feeling very down,which no sleep isn’t helping,currently trying melatonin,not sure it’s made much difference 


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    Hi @Milly21
    I'm currently on tamoxifen and have been having acupuncture to help with hot flushes.  It works for that but an aside is I also sleep better following a session. Worth a try. 

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    Hi @Aska - So pleased for you.  I had acupuncture for hot flushes many years ago and found the same.  Acupuncture is my 'go to' for all sorts of issues.
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    Hi @Milly21 you may like to watch out webcast recording 

    Ask the Expert: Menopause – It’s more than a hot flush!

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    There’s a lot of conversation happening in the US about denying breast cancer survivors HRT and the impact that it has on their overall health and quality of life. It’s about weighing up for yourself the risk of a recurrence and the impact of menopause on your quality of life. Check out Estrogen Matters on Insta or Facebook.