Radiation side effects

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I'm almost at the end of my RADS and consequently I have a sensitive, hot, rash covered, pink breast. One of the lovely people at RNSH Radiation told me of this great idea that he heard from another of his patients. Put your sorbolene cream in the fridge to keep it cold so when you apply the cream, it is cooling and soothing as well as moisturising. 
What a fabulous idea! I'll be doing that from now on. 


  • Tri
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    Great share @nicmaree. Hope your rash clears - I found it took about three weeks. My nurse also gave me a smaller tub of sorbolene mixed with a small amount of lignocaine to soothe itchiness. 
  • arpie
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    Make sure you mention it to your Rads Nurse before your next session so they can have a close look xx ..... my nurses used to do a physical exam very 3-4 days .... and the Onc would drop in now & then, too  for a quick check xx

    take care & all the best