TNBC at 72 years old!

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Hi I was recently diagnosed with TNBC Grade 3.  Tumour is small at 11 mm. I’m at the stage of the Medical team discussing options for surgery first.  I am hoping this is the case as surgeon has indicated that he believes that removal will be successful.  At this time the lymph nodes appear to be clear.  I have to wait another week to see what the best plan is.  Waiting is difficult.


  • Cindi
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    Hi @Gaga,

     I'm sorry about your diagnosis, but seems you got it early which is good. Yes the waiting's so hard, we all feel this, but the week will pass. You can read up on everything on this website, don't go googling Dr Google because it's often outdated and just wrong.

     It's good to have a good friend or relative go with you to appointments as a support, also to take notes as sometimes it's all a bit over whelming and you mightn't take everything in.
    Good luck and try to stay positive.

    Cindi x
  • arpie
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    So sorry to see you here @Gaga - please consider joining the Triple Negative Group, as they will be able to help you with some of your questions .... but continue posting here too, as not all TNBCs are members of the group xx

    @Cindi has put up some great advice re appointment support & not using Dr Google!  It is always a bit of a blur once you get a BC diagnosis ..... 

    Check out this thread for more 'general' info about the forum & other areas you may like to add bits to - we even had some 'funny bits' as well, as we all need to laugh now & then xx. There are tips on what to take to hospital, 'tick sheets' to self assess how you are going (you can print them off & fill them in & take them to your appointments ...) and we also have a wonderful helpline, if you'd like to chat to someone in person xx

    take care & all the best with your appointments xx