Non-alcoholic drinks that are not gross? 😄

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 Hi folks - Thought it might be good to revive this topic pre-festive season. 🎄

Anyone have recommendations for non-alcoholic beers and wines? 

I've only tried non-alcoholic beers, as they seem to better mimic real beer. I quite like Heaps Normal - Peroni Nastro Azzurro is OK, and not a fan of Carlton Zero, Heineken Zero or James Squire Zero.

The last time I tried a non-alcoholic wine it felt like a pointless slightly yucky excercise. So I'll occasionally have a glass of the real stuff. 


  • Afraser
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    Peroni is also my zero beer of choice but so far wines are a bit of a disappointment. I keep
    going back to Edenvale as least objectionable (I am a big fan of Geisen but find their Zero offering undrinkable) so if anyone has better suggestions I am all ears! 
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    Hi @Friedeggs
    I have tried many non alcoholic drinks and here is my

    non alcoholic beers are good - I don’t drink beer but my husband does
    non alcoholic still wines I have yet to find one  I like 
    non alcoholic sparkling there are some good ones but they are not cheap I  quite like Lyres - their white rum goes great in a mojito and I don’t mind a gin and tonic with their Londons Dry Spirit
    there is a great supplier “ sans drinks” they are based in Sydney but may deliver elsewhere.


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    I like the non alcoholic beer and my preference is Asahi or Peroni.  I have heard Naked Life cocktails are good so about to try them. You can buy online but some of these are found in the supermarkets. Sparlings seem good. I had a glass of the Edenvale yesterday.

    Wines are a bit harder but this white at Dan Murphy's and shared it with a friend. We both thought it was the best white we have tried. The reviews were good. 

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    My DIL has been trying various non alcoholic mixes over the last 2 years & has settled on a couple of Gin Varieties ..... 

    She says that almost all the "non alcoholic" wine/beer/spirits that she's seen, still say in the small print that they contain "less than .5% alcohol", so they often contain a 'little' bit of alcohol .....and it looks like the Minchinbury Sav Blanc (in the gold band at the bottom of the label) says "Contains no more than 0.5% alc/vol"   :(   


    There's a brand which is zero % called "Ecology & Co" - non alcoholic spirits/gin etc.

    She's also tried Seedlip, it's really nice and is zero%. 

    She uses regular mixers with them & enjoys it.

    You really need to look at the small print though.  She hasn't tried many wines that she's liked .... 

    Here's a kiwi link that may be helpful (if they are available in Aussie!)