Peripheral Neuropathy - Ice Packs

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I’ve started my treatment now with AC sense dose which will be followed by Paclitaxel 12 doses weekly apart. Was wondering if anyone has tried the ice packs for feet and hands and if you found it successful for peripheral neuropathy. 
Thanks for any input
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    Wishing you all the best for your treatment @tinypott xx  Welcome to the blog!    Feel free to check this link out - lots of tips on things on the forum here (including 'tick sheets' to 'self assess' yourself that you can take with you to your Appts & show your Onc:

    I didn't have chemo - but I put 'peripheral neuropathy' into the search area & clicked 'newest' and these are the results - you may be able to find some nuggets of info in these posts xx.  Good luck neuropathy&sort=-dateInserted&scope=site&source=community
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    Hi @tinypott,
    Five years ago I did suffer from peripheral neuropathy, or foot/hand syndrome. This was my only chemo side effect (apart from tiredness). I had peeling and blistering of hands and feet. Ice-packs, home made and fancier at the cancer centre did help me a lot. Everything healed quickly once chemo was finished. Best wishes for your treatment from jennyss in Western NSW
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    @tinypott ... If you get Hand/Foot syndrome (peeling/flaking skin & even splitting of flesh that may cause bleeding & pain) ..... recent studies presented to an Oncology Conference have shown that Voltaren Gel (Diclofenac is the generic term) rubbed onto the skin as SOON AS the peeling starts ...... can work & help prevent it getting worse and even aid in healing!  Weird, I know!  You can Read up on it here:

    Take care & all the best

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    Thank you arpie and jennyss for your advice on the peripheral neuropathy. I’m going to give the cold packs a go when they arrive as well as vit B. I really appreciate all the feedback and knowledge. I have only started my journey with 1 dose dense treatment and already I feel the fatigue effects but I’m learning to listen to my body. Thank you again