Flat chest scars - restrict movement or very tight? And did you have radio before going flat?

MazT Member Posts: 7

I'm in discussions with two surgeons (initial and then second opinion) about removing my 10-year-old textured and radiated implants and either going flat or replacing implants. I posed a similar question on the 'Flat Chat' group - I'm hoping this main chat has some more people who can share their experience on flat scars and radio.

I was first diagnosed with BC in 2011 and had a loco-regional recurrence in 2014. I had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction in 2011 (39 years old), and the other side was prophylactically done a year later. Due to the recurrence, I had radiation to the implant reconstructed site (10 years ago). The implants are the textured variety. The radiated side has some contracture (firm/tight), but specialists have told me it's not too bad (but it feels average to me). I also have a fair amount of tight scar tissue under my arm due to the recurrence and radiation.

One of the surgeons has suggested that due to the radiated skin and existing scar tissue, I may find the 'going flat' scars across my chest may restrict movement/be very tight for some activities (I do medium weights for bone health, walking, hiking, some swimming, gardening and lots of remote camping etc).

Has anyone found their flat chest scars restrict movement/very tight? And did you have previous radiation (or even a reconstruction) before going flat?

What has been your experience, scars, issues and advice for going flat?