hit me with your go to question for the chemo dr's

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So surgery done and dusted 2 weeks a go now (8.11.2023), lumpectomy completed with 2 cancers being removed from the left breast, as well as all 27 lymph nodes, with only 1 cancer found in that, however the cancer had shown signs they had got it in the nick of time as it was showing signs of spreading out shoots to other nodes was what my surgeon told me this week on getting my results back from pathology from the surgery, so after 3 months of tests and chasing everything, that part is over, now onto oncology I go, and while this isn't my 1st rodeo with breast cancer, but its my 1st time with chemo, and having no lymph nodes!! 
Last surgery I did dodge that one, but not this time, I've been doing everything in power to get mentally prepared for it, or so I thought till they called today, to go over my appointment, this coming Monday at 9.45am. The nurse said to bring all my questions with me, so I've been compiling a list, as as you can see its now close to midnight, so I'm clearly not sleeping - just lying there thinking about all these things, in fact since that phone call I've been feeling rather flat and upset, even though I knew it was coming, it still didn't stop the tears. and well I'm a bit taken back on my reaction to how I took it all, as I thought it was going to be a walk in the park as I knew it was coming, but clearly not.

So what are some question you think would be helpful to add  to my list,

I have the normal ones,

How long will my treatment be 3-6 months? (the nurse did say it was a short treatment they were looking at for me, I had no idea short was 3-6 months, I was expecting less.)
How many time a month/week etc will I need to attend the hospital for these appointments?
How long will the appointment session take each time I come?
Am I ok to drive myself in and out for these sessions?
Side effects? although I'm sure they will give me all that.

any extra help in questions to ask would be wonderful.

I'm a bit numb at the moment, mentally and physically, my boob is killing me and still swollen, my arm is a pain to lift up, my side isn't that happy with the dressing on it from the drain being taken out on Tuesday just been, so I sound like a bag of misery at the moment. 

Thanks all :smile:


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    Ask about exercise and possibly therapy to
    minimise the chance of lymphoedema in your affected arm. Early preventative treatment can be effective, even though your arm may still feel heavy and uncomfortable. Best wishes.