Mood swings and parenting

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I’m currently doing chemo, AC round 3 of 4 done and then onto weekly paclitaxel. This week the mood swings have hit me hard!! I’m a solo mum with two kids, 12 and 10 who have copped the full force of the hormonal rage and I feel so sorry for them. I try to explain to them why I’m not “normal” mum and “cranky” mum is visiting but I just feel awful that they have to see me like this. Has anyone been through chemo as a solo parent? Or is there anything I could do to help with the mood swings, like alternative therapies?! Any advice is welcome 🙏 


  • arpie
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    @CathL - so sorry you are going thru all this & the kids copping it a bit  :( ..... Definitely mention it to your Onc/GP .... I am sure you are not the first one to have these reactions to the chemo.   Give our helpline a call - 1800 500 258 .... just chatting about it may help xx

    There are some resources available for Kids who's parent has cancer - like Canteen & others ....    Jump onto this thread to read of a few groups that may provide support/outings for your kids.  Some are for younger kids, others for older kids xx

    take care, all the best xx