Triple positive..but invisible on screening tests

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Just diagnosed in September after finally pushing my GP for an answer on what this lump actually was that was getting bigger in left breast. Negative results on screening mammograms and ultrasound.

Surgeon wasn't concerned but did a biopsy - Triple positive. Then did a lumpectomy 4wks later but it was bigger than he thought and did not result in clear margins and one lymph node affected..

Soooo... am now on day 2 post 1st chemo treatment and, so far, so good. I'm taking preventative medications recommended by oncologist to avoid the nausea, bone pain, mouth tenderness that seem to be common... but my gut is churning a bit..

I am in a regional centre and have decided to have my mastectomy in Melbourne as they can also do a reconstruction at the same time. Whirlwind and roller coaster and waves are the emotional analogies I seem to use.

It's reassuring to know that many, many others have experienced this stuff and got through it in their own ways. Always keen for tips and tricks :)


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    So sorry to see you joining us here @BC1958- and after advocating for yourself for so long too - before the biopsy was done :(   It is an absolute roller coaster ride - and your emotions can vary from sadness thru to distress, even anger .....

    If you find yourself feeling sad or overwhelmed, your GP should be able to point you to a psychologist to give you some 'coping' mechanisms (or ring our helpline on 1800 500 258 Mon-Fri.) ......

    Listening to Charlotte Tottman's Podcasts on going thru BC may be of interest too - she is a Psychologist who was diagnosed with BC about 5 years ago & had a double mastectomy .... so she knows EXACTLY what we've all been thru! Here is Series One (and continue watching/listening to Series 2 as well)

    You can put your 'general area' in your profile - I wouldn't be surprised if we have members there, who may know different services available to you xx

    Being regional - you can also access assistance with your fuel & accommodation for when you have to travel for your treatments/surgery .....  we have a private 'regional/rural/remote group' where we share the latest updates of information re each state .... so feel free to jump on & join!  (click on the groups in the blue banner up the top.)

    You may also like to join the Reconstruction group, where you can chat privately with other members who have had reconstruction ... and maybe give you some tips ...

    Jump onto this thread too, with lots of 'other stuff' on the forum - you can show off your garden, pets, art & craft & other bits & we even manage to have a laugh too  ... There are also tips on what to take to hospital with you & also some tick sheets down the bottom for self assessing how you are going ......

    take care & all the best with your chemo xx.  You may start to feel a bit 'weary' on about Day 3 (after your chemo) .... you'll notice a pattern after a while.  Make sure you keep those meds 'up to it' ... and drink lots of water after the chemo too, to help 'flush it out' a bit quicker.   Just eat what you can, when you can, sleep when you need to & just look after yourself xx
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    Thanks, Arpie, for your helpful comments. I shall check out your suggestions. xx
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    Hi @bc1958 all the best with your treatment. I am triple positive too. 
    I found there’s already some  really good responses to questions about HER2 and people have helpfully shared their experiences of treatments in the discussion threads but sing out if you have any questions. 

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    Thanks @Tri :)