The never ending circle

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I literally go from ultrasound to mammogram to mri to ultrasound and then biopsies. This is about my 6th time in 2 years which they say is because of dense breasts. This is getting frustrating and the costs are so high. Has anyone else had this experience. At this stage negative but last two years this keeps happening. Back again for another ultrasound this week after mri. 


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    Golly gosh, @pjs05 - that would be SO frustrating ..... so 6 'call backs' but always clear?   

    What age are you?  Are you on HRT?   

    I had a major concern 20 years ago when I was on HRT for severe menopause symptoms (and had one big scare in my late 20s - where I was told I had 'lumpy breasts' - which I assume now, means dense breast tissue.)

    The testosterone component of the HRT caused changes in my breast & I was sent to John Hunter Hospital for more indepth testing (I live in the Mid North Coast.)   I then stopped the HRT & my next 15 breastscreens were 'clear' ..... until 2017, when my GP found my lump (after a clear Mammogram) , surgery in 2018.

    Have they done a full body MRI/CT on you or just your chest area?  If only the chest area, maybe agitate for a full body one (as a point of reference for any scans afterwards ....)

    take care - they are just making sure you are clear, which is a good thing, tho VERY frustrating. :( 
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    @pjs05 i call it the not so merry merry go round  the spinning not so bad its the flying off that’s unknown 

      Blood tests monthly ct on 4th month. Bone scan mammogram ultrasound once a year. Oh and bone density thrown in. 
    I just look at it that at least they’re keeping a watchful eye on things. 

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    @arpie im 46 and have never had HRT. Healthy weight. Healthy family. It’s literally every time and to be honest the last FNA was so bad. Not only did I bruise for months the lady who did it basically made me feel like she was stuffing a chicken. 
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    Scans, ultrasounds and other tests are bad enough without the medicos not taking due care. I have CT's and Petscans and an Echo every three months. Every time they get it wrong I lose interest in my care. Hang in there @pjs05 and don't hesitate to complain if you need to.
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    The last biopsy I had was like that @pjs05- she started out using too small a needle too, that couldn't suck anything out - so then after several 'stabs' replaced it with a bigger needle & had 5 more goes .... like you - I was battered & bruised.  :(   Stuffing a chicken is a very good description of it - that's how I felt too!! 

    Have you had the scans/biopsies in a major cancer centre (rather than just a radiology place?)  I find the Cancer Centres are a tad more 'caring .... 

    It's good that they are on top of it tho ..... most of us have been absolutely gobsmacked when told we had BC.   I am the first in my family to have it (we've always had heart attacks!)    I was fit & healthy & enjoying life before my diagnosis ..... not quite so now, tho life is 'ok'   :( 

    take care & all they best xx
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    And here we go again. MRI recommending ultrasound. Ultrasound recommend FNA. FNA to core biopsy. Now waiting for results. My head is fried. 
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    Try & Keep busy, doing stuff you love doing, @pjs05 - to stop your brain going off on a tangent  xx

    take care
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    That's how I've felt since the diagnosis, @pjs05. I simply want to forget all the tests and procedures I went through and focus on whatever the next unpleasant experience might be. I agree with @arpie; in the meantime, we need to try to be positive and 'enjoy' the break between treatments/tests. If we can. 
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    Focus on the positive that tests are negative and at least they've keeping a watchful eye on you @pjs05. Better to have peace of mind especially since dense breats are high risk for bc. 

    Pre BC I had annual mammogram, ultrasound, biopsies and mri's. Eventually found early bc. I had the same regime for 3 yrs post treatment in 2020. Now I have mets in bones so there are even more bc tests, scans etc. Before they found the bone mets my oncologist ordered mri's every 2 months on a fracture I had in my spine. The fracture occurred in Jan but the cancer didn't show up until July. They found my bone mets quickly and while no cure, at least I was monitored closely and I could start treatment quickly. 

    Keep busy till the rest. Good luck