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MMy daughter’s carrot and walnut with cream cheese icing celebratory cupcakes!!! Radiation therapy over!!’


  • arpie
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    LOVE IT @Dessi!!!  Congrats on finishing your Rads ..... Woohoo!  Celebrations tonight??   Keep up the moisturisers for another few weeks, as the area being treated will continuing feeling 'warm' for a while yet - if there was any 'overlap' to your underarm area - just make sure you wear sun-proof clothes, as you don't want it to get sunburnt.  xx. Take care & all the best xx
  • Julez1958
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    Love this!
    Humour is an essential ingredient in this whole journey as is emotional support 
    So glad you appear to have both 😋
  • jennyss
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    Love the cakes @Dessi: what is the picture on the card - you on your travels perhaps?
  • Annie C
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    Now that's my kind of nutrition. There's carrot and walnuts for fibre and cream cheese to raise the happy endorphin levels, makes me want to go and have a slice of the chocolate cake I baked yesterday (maybe not at 5:30am??????).
    Well done to your thoughtful daughter.
    Congratulations on completing your radiation therapy.
    Sending a Big Virtual Kimberley Hug to you, where that lovely cream cheese frosting would melt in seconds. (A Kimberley Hug is as warm, big and wide as the Kimberley region is).

  • Dessi
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    I wish @jennyss
    @Annie C chocolate cake is very nutritious too - endorphins!!!! Say a big hello to the beautiful Kimberlys. ❤️