A surprise diagnosis

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I was diagnosed on 21st September after a regular mammogram and had a lumpectomy last Fri. Recovering at home. Feeling ok - now awaiting diagnosis and next steps


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    Welcome to the blog, @Monibear ....  it's a bit of a roller coaster ride, isn't it - with all this happening so quickly.  Great that your surgery wasn't too long after your diagnosis.    The waiting for results really 'sucks' tho .... so try & keep as busy as you physically can, til you get your results - and wishing you all the best for them.  

    Take it easy for a while - if you can, get others to do the work around you .... 

    Jump onto this thread to read a bit about the forum ... you can show off your pets, your garden, art & craft & we even have a laugh too (god knows we all need a laugh!)  

    Take care xx
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    How are you going @Monibear?  You should have your pathology results & 'game plan' now?

    Wishing you all the best xx
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    Thanks @arpie I have appointments with medical oncologists next week - looks like the recommendation is chemo - how are you?
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    I'm fine, thank you xx  I hope you've recovered well @Monibear

    Have you had discussions about lympodema yet? Hopefully with a lumpectomy, you shouldn't need it, but it is an area to be aware of (swelling in the arm of the surgery.)

    All the best with your Appts next week xx .. do you have a good buddy to take with you as support (and an extra set of ears?). Consider recording it too, so you can go over it later on at home if you want to.

    take care