New diagnosis DCIS - surgery options

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  • Aska
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    Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. My tumour was 1.8cm and another 1.1cm. My surgeon specializes in oncoplasty which meant she filled in the gaps with my own breast tissue. The result is amazing. Good luck with everything.
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    Welcome to the group @houseofgroovyshooz .... I'm glad you've found us!   It's a real roller coaster ride .... and we'll do our best to help smooth the road for you.  Consider taking a buddy with you to appointments as an extra set of ears, and even consider recording your appointments as it is easy to miss some bits of the conversation .... 

    I had a lumpectomy & my surgeon moved a bit of fat from one area of my boob to the surgery site .... and altho there was a little bit of 'subsidence' over time, I am not concerned about that.  I have very little scarring.

    I hope your hospital visit went ok & and that you get a surgery date soon xx.   Ask away on any question & we'll do our best to give you an honest answer, as we've 'been there, done that' xx

    Take care & all the best 

  • houseofgroovyshooz
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    Thank you :-)
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    Hello houseofgroovyshooz,

    I wonder how you went at your appointment?
    I was hoping to be able to get fat put back after a double mastectomy so as not to get implants however it all depends on your body type, I didn't have enough speare fat unfortunately so if I wanted id have to have implants, but I's seriously thinking of going flat.
    At your age I can understand you may not want that.
    Although you may not need mastectomy at all. Then the fat thing may be more viable.
    GOODLUCK!! it's be good to hear from you xx