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Waiting to find a surgeon

Jnet Member Posts: 2 New Member
I am newly diagnosed (14/9) and very anxious.  I spent all day yesterday trying to book into a surgeon (the two referrals my dr gave me, one had a recorded msg saying reception back on Monday so dont even know if the dr is in town) and the other referral turned out to be for a dr who retired a year ago!  I rang around to all the other breast surgeons I could find in my area to no avail.  I was hoping to at least have a consultation date but now i have to wait till at least Monday.  I am on the Sunshine Coast and even rang one in Brisbane but all the surgeons are away because of school hols.  Dr sent referral to public system also and said "someone will pick it up"?


  • GinGin
    GinGin Member Posts: 53
    Hi @Jnet

    The waiting is stressful. However, I was comforted by my GP that reasonable waiting time is OK. I was so stressed when the first available biopsy (public) was in 3 weeks. My GP tells me the cancer isn’t going to grow overnight. Try to do things to distract yourself from thinking about it. I went for long walks, socialised etc. and took things as they come. One day at a time.☺️

    Our public system is very much slower compared to private. I chose public initially and then switched to private (as I found a surgeon I wanted to go with). Our public system is great as well but it generally has a very much slower turnaround time. 

    Start calling on Monday morning but enjoy the weekend not thinking about it.

    p.s. my GP rang the public hospital and she managed to get a consult for me the next day. If you have a good rapport with your GP, asked if she/he can do that.

    xx ❤️ xx
  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,015
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    It is tough when you can't talk to reception asap re booking in .... I sent an email to the Surgeon's office that I'd been suggested (as all surgeons were still on Xmas Leave when my diagnosis came thru) and his Breast Care nurse messaged soon after, then rang me, to organise an appt for the first day he returned to work (10 days later in mid Jan) .... the day after my initial consult, I had the sentinel node test & the next day, my surgery - so once it 'started' it was fairly quick.  Mind you, my lump was found in Oct .... so it took a long time to get to that stage!  grrr

    In the meantime, check out this thread, to look at other areas in the forum & ideas on what to take to hospital etc

    Sending you a message xx

  • Afraser
    Afraser Member Posts: 4,194
    Hmm, I’m grateful my GP (new doctor in practice I’d been attending for years) took the trouble to ring around until she found someone who could see me in two days! Turned out to be an excellent choice too. However @GinGin is right, the delay is worse for your head than it is for your body. Best wishes for an early appointment and way forward.
  • Tarma
    Tarma Member Posts: 53
    Hey @Jnet ,, how's things ?

    Hows the anxiety 🙃.. 

    I'm a big worrier myself