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Perjeta/ Trastuzumab thoughts

Cheri Member Posts: 7
Hi lovelies, I will start chemo soon. Perjeta as part of second part of my chemo is additional cost and not essential, what are your thoughts or experience on it?

I am most likely going to go ahead and pay for it but would love to hear from other experience or point of view.


  • Blossom1961
    Blossom1961 Member Posts: 2,218
    @Cheri I didn't have Perjeta as part of my initial treatment and was not offered it. I am now metastatic and have herceptin perjeta combo as my three weekly targetted therapy for the rest of my life, at no cost. If I had Perjeta in my initial treatment I may or may not now have mets. However the govt will not pay for Perjeta unless it is for Mets and yet they have shown that Perjeta works alongside Herceptin for a better outcome. Is it necessary? I don't know. But if I had my time again I would be asking for it before I became metastatic.
  • Cheri
    Cheri Member Posts: 7
    @Blossom1961 thanks for your insight <3
  • Brianna
    Brianna Member Posts: 2 New Member
    I was diagnosed with stage 2 HER2+ earlier this year and just finished 6 rounds of TCHP chemo. Same as you, I was offered Perjeta and told it's not essential but works well alongside Herceptin for better results. Perjeta cost me $6000 but for me it was a no-brainer. I am only 30 years old and want to do everything in my power to stay alive. For me, it worked. I found out a couple days ago the cancer was completely eradicated and I had a complete response to chemo! If you have the option and the money, do the Perjeta. It saved my life and I hope it helps you as well x
  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,032
    Nice early Birthday pressie @Brianna. xx. Terrific news