treatment for post Chemo soft fingernails

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I wanted to share my discovery on great nail treatment
For over 6 years I had terrible nails that were soft, easily broken or torn and would never grow even near my fingertips, this only occurred after having chemotherapy

For the previous 6 years I had used a variety of nail hardeners as well as taking “Hair, Nail and Skin” supplements, It didn't really seem to make much difference

Earlier this year I was helping with some horses and they woudl paint "Flaxseed Oil" on the hooves to help with splitting, cracking etc. It got me thinking maybe I should try that.
The smallest bottle I could get was 375mls so I put a portion in a smaller jar, found a small paint brush and daily to start I painted my nails. Slowly they got stronger and longer, they now are longer than the tips of my fingers. The first time on nearly 7 years. I also took to using the flaxseed oil as a salad dressing, just a side comment. 

I wasn’t sure if it was the oil treatment or just my nails finally going back to normal. However I'd  mentioning my nail care to one of the other horse workers and when I saw her a few months later she thanked me for the suggestion as she had been using it and told me after years of weak nails they were finally growing strong 

I don’t have any scientific proof but I believe it is making a difference. 
I now don’t use the oil every day now but every 2-3 days. I hated not having nails so
I am sure there are other women with the same problem who would like to try this. You can get the Flaxseed oil at any grocer/supermarket. Lindseed oil is the same thing