Chemo side effects already ? Or my over stimulated brain? Lol

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I'm only 2 full days post my first chemo session, and I'm noticing small things already 😄
Bone pain, belly pain, mouth tenderness, and swallowing needs a little more thought than it used too lol 

How are our other chemo newbies going? 
I know  everytime I pop on here to read  what's been posted, I'm reminded that chemo is different for everyone but are there any hard and fast rule?  Would you all say that I might expect the worst in a month or 2 ? As chemo progresses?  

I guess I'm just trying  to prepare myself (and my son) mentally  and try to establish a new and less strict cleaning routine and maybe look into help with my usual errands .. 🙃 


  • Tarma
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    Oh and the side effects I mentioned,   all very very mild.. 
    And just another quick Q, 
    Are any of you other lovely gurls 💖  sending yourself just a tiny bit batty worrying about your dumb cancer ?? 😆
  • Blossom1961
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    I noticed side effects the first evening of my first chemo with severe heartburn. The next day I had aches and severe nausea. These eased by day six and then I was good until my next round. My body became accustom to the chemo and the effects lessened when on the AC chemo except the fatigue increased. The side effects from the taxol were barely noticeable until after the sixth round and then they were not severe. As for the worrying sending me batty? I was already batty 🤣 Seriously, having cancer sends most people into a spin.
  • Afraser
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    It’s just possible that your hugely heightened sense of your body makes you feel things you might ordinarily not register. Reactions to chemo are immensely variable and also don’t eradicate the normal variations we all get for a range of reasons. I had more noticeable side effects on Taxol than A/C ( most report the opposite) and side effects didn’t get worse as I progressed, but then I never had fatigue. It’s hard not to worry isn’t it, although worrying never helped anyone and may cause more odd symptoms! No matter how much we like to plan and be prepared, cancer and cancer treatment is a salutary lesson in one day at a time. Best wishes. 
  • Ally7
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    I'm almost 3 weeks post my first chemo and will start my next round on Friday.  I was the same as you and always second guessing my symptoms.  I had bad bone pain and muscle aches (like I was coming down with the flu) within a few hours of giving myself the injection 24hrs after chemo. That lasted 3-4 days then gradually subsided.  No nausea thank god but a bitter taste in my mouth the following week.  This week I feel good physically (little tired and emotional) but just noticed this morning my hair is shedding.  I'm using a cooling cap for chemo but it was still confronting. And now I'll just stress about that too.  I think half the battle is trying to stay positive but also preparing yourself for the next symptom so it doesn't shock you too much. It's hard.
  • arpie
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    Sorry to see you join our exclusive little club here, @Ally7 ....  so sorry your hair is shedding :(  xx

    Feel free to put a new thread on Just Diagnosed & tell us your story 'so far' ....

    take care & all the best for your continuing treatments
  • Tarma
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    Hey @Ally7 thankyou for popping in to say 
    Hope to hear more from all you girls 😊

  • IlonaC
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    I had similar too.
    1st round was fine straight after then when I used the injection the next day all my bones hurt like the flu.  And I was tired and I think I bloated a bit.  I had to get myself moving about as I remembered one of the nurses during chemo said that moving about helps with the side effects. The last 4 days have been almost normal other than dry mouth and constant needing to pee because I'm drinking so much water as I feel dehydrated all the time
    Next week is round 2 hopefully it's the same.  But I feel like my hair will fall out then my skelp is getting itchy (or maybe it's my immagination)
  • IlonaC
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    You are welcome.
    This is also a great support for me too it's definitely a great place to share concerns or progress and get some amazing feedback.