What a Whirlwind!

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Out of sheer luck I found a suspicious lump on my right breast in early June 2023. I didn’t think much of it, but thought I should have it looked at (as a friend of mine had breast cancer at 23). All I can say is thank god I did because after a mammogram, ultrasound and a painful biopsy I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This all happened 4 days after my 29th birthday and it was an absolute shock to me! My cancer was defined as hormone based, HER- and Grade 3. 

The days after my diagnosis were an absolute whirlwind! I had multiple tests, appointments and then a full mastectomy of my right breast. 

As my fiancé and I are yet to have children, I am currently in the process of fertility treatments so I can freeze my eggs. Once this is complete I am looking at 5 months of chemo. I am feeling nervous about chemo because of the side effects it may have on me.

I am a primary school teacher and have taken term 3 off from work. I am hoping to return in term 4 on a part time basis, but this will depend on how hard the chemo is on my body and mind. 

I am hoping to reach out and connect with others (especially young people) with breast cancer near me 💕


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    Hi @kimmy23 sorry to find yourself here.   There is a young women's group you can join.

    I had the same type of bc you have.  I had mastectomy chemotherapy and radiation.  You can do this just take one step at a time.  I was 52 when diagnosed. 

    That's great you are doing fertility treatment for your eggs down the track.   I wish you all the best.  Sending you a hug. Xxx
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    @Kimmy_23  I am So sorry to see you joining our exclusive little group xx. Whack up any question & the 'think tank' here will do their best to provide you with an honest answer.   Remember - there are no silly questions.  You can also use the 'search' function (in the blue bar) to search out specific terms ... and the responses can get 'sorted' by the most recent date, which would be the most useful info, I think.

    Well done on getting checked out as early as you did.   As @Locksley suggested, you can join the Young Women's Group & go back thru some of their discussions .... and post any specific queries there.  It is a private group (no-one else can see the discussions) or you can personally message members of the group (or the forum) by using the PM messaging system (by clicking on the envelope up next to the bell on the right hand corner.)

    I hope you are recovering well from your surgery and wishing you all the best for your fertility treatment & ongoing chemo treatment too. I was lucky & dodged the chemo bullet & only had a lumpectomy followed by radiation & then hormone suppressing tablets .... I've just passed the 5 year mark on them.

    If you jump onto this link, it has some general info on the forum, the different areas that you might like to look at further down the line - and down the bottom is a link to some 'tick sheets' that you can use to fill in & track your own mental & physical health (take them with you to your appts ...)  

    take care xx
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    Hi @Kimmy_23 sending you so much love as you face this challenge! It's so overwhelming and scary at the start but you can do this <3 

    I was diagnosed in December last year at age 32 - happy to answer any questions you have. Feel free to send me a private message if you like. Unfortunately I'm in WA - but hopefully some other lovely SA ladies will see your post!
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    Sorry to meet you here,  @Kimmy_23.  And so young.  
    Chemo may not prove as bad as you think: some find it so, others not.  I had some issues, but not the greatly feared the nausea; I had none at all.  I think they’re better at managing that now.  You might also investigate the cold cap, if you’re worried about losing your hair.
    Try to take one step at a time, and remember you can always find support here.
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    I am sorry for  your diagnosis. Such a shock. The good news is that you found it. Do you know what stage your BC is? Chemo may not be as bad as you expect, everyone is very different. And you cannot predict how you will be. I was very lucky and had no nausea. I had side effects, but they were all manageable. I had EC and the Paclitaxol. I used the cold cap, and kept most of my hair. You may want to consider using your Income Protection Insurance. You may have it included in your superannuation. It would make it possible to take longer off works and save some of your sick leave for the future. It can also supplement your pay, while you work less hours, easing back to work. Do you know if you will have Radiotherapy?
    Great news that you are freezing your eggs, very wise. 
    I am from Adelaide, but I am now 65. ( 61 on diagnosis)
    As someone has said there is a Young Women's Group, within this Online Forum.
    There is also a Facebook group - Adelaide Breast Cancer Friendship Group Chat Room.
    They have some lunches and morning teas.
    Good luck with all of your treatment. Ask anything you want.
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    The Think Pink Foundation runs an under 50s support group via zoom that you might be interested in. https://www.thinkpink.org.au/support-groups/ If you register they will send you more information.