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After lumpectomy

Jinni Member Posts: 8
edited May 27 in Newly diagnosed
Hi. I am newly diagnosed and had a lumpectomy and nodes removed 12 days ago.  I am wondering how long it takes for the breast swelling and underarm pain to subside.  I realise everyone is different just looking for a rough idea.  I guess the whole diagnosis is still sinking in. Have a wonderful weekend.  Oh and is there a skin cream I can use as the skin on my breast has been irritated by the surgery and the dressings.  


  • TonyaM
    TonyaM Member Posts: 2,818
    Hi @Jinni, sorry you find yourself here but welcome. My first bc surgery (2003)was a lumpectomy and full node clearance and it was the latter that was the most painful to get over. You’ll probably find that it’s healed and you feel more normal around 3 -4wks.If swelling persists,you could have a seroma which is a collection of fluid. Your surgeon can drain it if necessary. Don’t hesitate to see your surgeon or breast care nurse if you are worried- they should also advise on your skin issue. Something like Moo goo or Qv or vit e cream might be soothing in the interim. Keep up the gentle arm exercises. I was slack and didn’t and by 6wks post op,I couldn’t lift my arm any higher than my shoulder- it was bad! I needed intensive physio to fix it. Best wishes for your recovery and come back here for support.Gentle hugs xx
  • Cath62
    Cath62 Member Posts: 1,130
    Hi @Jinni, sorry you have found yourself in this exclusive club. So surgery is done. That's good. It's out! I had the same ie a lumpectomy and nodes removed. I was pretty sore and swollen for a month I think. Dint hesitate to call your dr or breast care nurse if you need to. I used moogoo. Great for absorption you don't need alot. Take care of yourself. Do lots of deep breathing and gentle walks if you are up to it. Sending loved ❤
  • Jinni
    Jinni Member Posts: 8
    Thanks Cath62. I will definitely look for the moo goo. 
  • Jinni
    Jinni Member Posts: 8
    Thankyou TonyaM.  I don’t have much support only my husband and it is hard for him to wrap his mind around it all as well. I briefly saw a breast care nurse in hospital but was still overwhelmed and recovering from the anesthetic.  I think they must be so busy. At least there are unfortunately, many ladies here who understand and can help.