Swim Wear - some companies that go above & beyond ....

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Three good friends went for a swim.
The one who was fat wished she was thin.
The one who was thin, wished she was curvy.
The one who was curvy wished she was clever.
The one who was clever wished she swam better.
The really great swimmer wished she was witty.
The one who was witty wished she was pretty.

All three friends thought the other two were just fine.
If only they could let their own bright light shine.

So throw on your swimsuit if you're fat or you're thin.
Enjoy fun and friendship .... love the skin that you're in!

What a marvellous poem!

When I go swimming, I tend to wear a rashie and a pair of board shorts (not that I swim very often - you can actually count the number of times I've swum in the last 20 years on one hand!) 

I've never been into 'girlie' swimsuits either ... I think the last swimsuit I actually bought was in 1977 when I went to UK/Europe for 8 months! 

For specialised Mastectomy wear ....

How GORGEOUS are the designs, here at Modlily??

Also - Mix & Match at Amazon.com.au .... at very reasonable prices ... 

Feel free to add links to any great swimwear products that you've found - or how you've adapted your swimwear to your own needs!

As mentioned by @Julez1958 ... Leila O'Toole's Website  


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    Hi @arpie I LOVE that!
    I am not great with links but in Sydney Leila 0’Toole in the Strand arcade have some great swimwear - you do have to make an appointment though.
    They also have bras.
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    Many thanks @Julez1958 - I've just added her website above xx
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    @arpie Love the modlily designs. I rarely go swimming but am tempted all the same. I wonder if the padded pocket is large enough for a prosthetic.
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    Even I love some of the Modlily designs ..... they look really classy & I love the colours & that they hide your tummy & even thighs .... 

    Maybe message them about the pocket?  I definitely saw on one FB post that the company actually ADDED a pocket to one design that didn't have one (not sure if it was Modlily or a different one tho.)