Friday Update - 31st March 2023

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Hi everyone,

BCNA have been around town with the Port Lincoln and Warrnambool forums both being held in March. If you wish to watch the recordings when they become available, refer to the My Journey article 

Easter is just around the corner too. For those who observe the occasion, may you have a lovely week. If it includes a hot drink with hot cross buns to mark the occasion, then we have come into the perfect weather here in Victoria.

Take Care and enjoy the update.

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Community News

BCNA News - 07 March 2023

BCNA part of first ever research into Fear of breast cancer recurrence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women  

BCNA News - 23 March 2023

Findings from the study, led by Professor Jane Usher at the University of Western Sydney, found people from LGBTIQ+ communities continue to face disparities of care

BCNA Health Professional Network News - 23 March 2023

  • New Trial for Advanced HER2-Positive Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer Trials has opened a new study called the TUGETHER clinical trial, which aims to find out if adding tucatinib and pembrolizumab to the usual treatment given to people with advanced HER2-positive breast cancer, will slow down the growth of the cancer. Read further details about The TUGETHER clinical trial and discuss with your treating team if you wish to know more about accessing trials

Trans Day of Visibility

Today on Trans Day of Visibility (31 March 2023), BCNA affirms and celebrates our transgender and gender diverse members.

Trans and gender diverse people may have questions and concerns about how they will be impacted by a breast cancer diagnosis, including how cancer treatment will affect their body image and gender affirmation, how their treating team will respect their gender and how they can access inclusive peer support.

Breast cancer can affect anyone, and everyone has the right to health care that respects their identity and is free from discrimination.

Read more about challenges faced by trans and gender diverse people in this report by the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society:

BCNA has a suite of resources for those in LGBTIQ+ communities with breast cancer, here:

Break the cycle of hereditary breast cancer

BCNA joined a Pink Hope event at Parliament House in Canberra last week to help break the cycle of hereditary breast cancer. Representatives from BCNA's Policy & Advocacy Team heard from a consumer panel shining a light on the challenges Australians at risk of, or diagnosed with, hereditary breast cancer face.

As part of this panel, we heard from Nikki Neofitou who at 23 made the decision to undergo preventative breast cancer surgery, but it was delayed and, while waiting, she was diagnosed with cancer.

BCNA joins Pink Hope in advocating for a national approach to reducing wait times for preventative, and other breast cancer-related, surgeries.
Read the ABC News story here:

BCNA's iconic Field of Women is back at the MCG this August to mark BCNA's 25th anniversary. Early-bird pre-sale tickers will be available soon!

Register NOW to be notified when pre-sale tickets are live via the following link

Webcasts / Podcasts


Details will be available next week for an upcoming webcast: 'Prioritising me - setting healthy boundaries' on the 27th April 7.00-8.00pm. Stay tuned!


Season 2 of 'What you don't know until you do' podcast is coming in April! Following on from the success of season 1 of What You Don’t Know Until You Do with Dr. Charlotte Tottman, in which Charlotte talks about her lived experience of breast cancer over 10 insightful episodes, we're excited to be back with season 2.

This season will focus on Charlotte's clinical experience and will explore topics such as navigating relationships with your treating team, managing behavioural changes and the importance of setting boundaries for self-care.

Books / Movies / TV Series / Documentaries 

Currently reading the book The Girl Who Fell From the Sky . This is a story of a young woman's resilience and courage after falling 14,000 feet whilst skydiving. Emma wakes in hospital a paraplegic and learns how to live again.

Hope you enjoyed the update and if you have any feedback please feel free to comment below or send a private message.

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If you wish to speak with the Helpline team regarding your concern, please call 1800 500 258 Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm (AEDT), alternatively you can email

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