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Nel14 Member Posts: 1
Five weeks since my call back after a regular mammogram, two weeks since my mastectomy and now heading towards chemo. It’s all a bit overwhelming!


  • Locksley
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    @Nel14 sorry to see you here in the club no one wants to join.  Have you been allocated a breast care nurse.   

    There is lots of advice and support here.  Wishing you all the best.
  • Fufan
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    Welcome @Nel14.  Of course it’s overwhelming, but you'll find lots of support here.  Perhaps if you tell us your diagnosis people who have been through similar can help.  And do you know what chemo you’ll be on?  And if you indicate your location you may even find members locally whom you can meet.  All our journeys are different, but I see the common thread here as kindness and support. No judgment, and no question is too daft.  Hang in there: you can do this!
  • June1952
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    Welcome @Nel14 to this very special group none of us imagined we would be part of.  As mentioned above, if you add your general location to your profile members who are nearby can better assist you with any queries - and meet up if that is what you would like.  It is overwhelming but trust your medical team and take things one step at a time.  Do you have good family/friend supports ?
  • Tarma
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    Overwhelming is an understatement! 
    😊how are you ?