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Hi ladies,
I have just had my SLNB. They took 2 nodes. Results take a week. Aghh the waiting!! 
how did your recovery go? I would love to go back to work next week? X 


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    Hi @Kellybradley ... I am so sorry to see you here ... joining the club that no-one wants to join.  

    All the best for your results next week xx. Have you got someone to go with you to the appointment?  Consider recording the meeting on your phone, too, as it is easy to 'miss bits' in the stress of the moment. xx

    Yes, the waiting sucks!  grrr.  Try & keep as busy as you can, doing stuff you love doing!

    I am guessing you've had a lumpectomy?  Has the need for radiation been mentioned at all?  

    Personally, my recovery went well, physically - it can be the 'mental hit' that can take you by surprise, as this bloody disease mucks with your brain even more than it mucks with your body. 

    If you feel up to it, returning to work could be the best thing for you!   Just see how you go, tho & be prepared for taking a bit longer off, if needed xx

    take care & all the best x
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    Thank you for your kind words x no, I have to have chemo first and then a mastectomy. 
    I have really felt the mental hit this week. I think before I was just ‘talking’ about what my journey is going to be now it’s actually happening I am freaking out a bit! 
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    Feel free to contact our helpline here 1800 500 258  (Mon-Fri) & have a chat.

    Do you have a Breast Care nurse assigned to you yet?  They are often the first port of call for anything worrying you xx. Or maybe ask your GP/Surgeon for a referral to see a cancer psychologist?  They can help with giving you 'coping methods' when you are feeling stressed.

    Also - check out the Podcast Series by Charlotte Tottman here:

    She is a Psychologist who has been thru Breast Cancer, so has more insight than most. 

    Another great blog to read is Liz O'Riordan's - she was a British Breast Surgeon who also went thru 2 lots of Breast Cancer - she explains fully how unprepared she was for her own diagnosis ...

    Re your mastectomy - have you considered whether you want a reconstruction or not?  We have a couple of private groups here, where you can put up any question about the pros & cons.  One is for Reconstruction, the other is Flat Chat - for those who choose not to reconstruct.

    As you are in Northern NSW, you may need to travel for your treatment - we have a private group that covers a lot of info re the IPTAAS scheme - where you can apply for compensation for fuel & accommodation costs xx. We have a few members living up that way - I am Mid North Coast.

    As I mentioned, keeping busy can help take your mind off going haywire xx. 

    Whack up any question here & we'll do our best to give you an honest answer, as we've 'been there, done that'. xx

    Feel free to check out the rest of the blog as well ...... we have lots of other areas 'outside of BC' that may interest you - arts & craft, gardens, Furkids, even fishing and some 'funnies' (as we all need a laugh now & then.)  There are some 'tick sheets' down the bottom that you can fill in, to gauge your own recovery - you could take them along to your appointments further down the track ....

    take care xx
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    Hi @Kellybradley
    Great advice above from the ladies.
    Everyones experience is slightly different but there are commonalities.
    The mental hit can be just as bad as the physical hit - you are grieving the loss of y our formerly bulletproof self.
    There will be tears and days where you wonder  “ why me.”?
    Seeing a psychologist helps some as does keeping busy.
    Take the advice of your medical team about what time you need off work - and listen to your body.
    This website has a wealth of information and this online community is a great source of information and  support.
    Take care and keep us posted.