Little question

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Hi everyone, getting married this Sat. I'm 62 had smx but stull have some underarm hair. I don't know to wax or shave these little stubborn follicles. I don't want them seen on the day, but not sure the right way with smx & 2 lymph nodes removed. Cheers 


  • Julez1958
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    I don’t know the answer to your question - I had mastectomy in 2020 but only sentinel lymph node removed and have been shaving my underarms ever since!

    The very best of wishes for your marriage - my advice to all new wives is “ give him a compliment every day “ and to all new husbands is “ treat her like a princess”.

    My hubby of 32 years ( who is a politically incorrect funny man) says to the new husband “ that’s the last decision you will ever have to make”.
    Take care 🌺
  • Abbydog
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    Congratulations for your upcoming Marriage.
    I can't find more information about you. Your profile doesn't contain your story.
    How recent was your surgery? Mine was in 2020. I choose to shave. But I need to be careful, as my underarms are still a bit numb. My razor has large soap pads front and back, making it harder to cut myself. I'm lucky my Mastectomy( with axillary clearance),Chemo and Radiotherapy have left me rather hairless. I shave possibly only twice a year.
    I hope all goes well Saturday.