time gap from surgery to starting of Radiation therapy

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Hello everyone, I have a super quick question, from the time that you had your surgery, how long was it till you started your radiation therapy? and if the dates didn't a line with your life and needs, and how long was it before you could start, like 2 months etc before your treatment started, I'm asking as I'm looking for advice, as I'm struggling with so many things, thanks 


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    Hi @Maree72 .... I had my surgery in mid Jan and started my Rads in about Mid March (the 4 weeks of treatment was finished by Easter Fri.) 

    I was told I didn't 'have to' start til after Easter if I wanted - but I had a holiday booked to Norfolk Island at that time & wanted the Rads 'over & done with' before heading off for it .....

    I think 'the wait' can largely depend on how well you've healed from your surgery. 

    They are unlikely to do Rads with surgical wounds that have not fully healed.   

    I started AIs shortly after Rads finished.

    If you are feeling anxious, can you chat with your BC Nurse (if you have one) or ring the help line here? Take care xx

  • Maree72
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    Thanks @arpie
    my surgery was 27th Jan 2023 
    from what I understand they wanted to start me on the 23rd march
    but that’s straight over Easter etc
    along with another event I’m going to and have tickets for 
    they said I wouldn’t be finished till 18 April
     from what I’ve been told and read here getting tired and fatigued is a high chance 
    so I’m thinking I should be able to say after Easter 

    I don’t have a BC nurse to speak of 
    i did ring and ask the oncology nurse at radiation 
    About this medical skin plaster you all talk about to help with reducing the burn
    she said they talk about they at the meeting ( planning one where they map things out??? )
    I just feel like so much isn’t being told to me straight up
    and I keep getting stuff thrown at me at different stages
    the nurse also said the Dr will have to allow me the day off for the treatment if I have a event !
    im like what I have to ask permission to miss an appointment, due to having a life ?
    it’s all so very upsetting and frustrating 
    I’m so undecided 🤷‍♀️ 
    But thank you for that phone number 

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    Hi @Maree72
    I had my mastectomy on 6 October 2020 and started radiotherapy mid November 2020.
    I had a week delay from the planned start date as I still had a lot of pain and was struggling to hold my left arm up above my head.
    I didn’t have chemo .
    Not sure if that helps - I got the impression from the radiation oncologist she wanted to start as soon as possible subject to me having the physical ability to deal with it.

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    @Maree72 ... not everyone is suited to the use of Mepitel skin - it depends on the location of your surgery & the type of scarring you may have ....  It wasn't suggested for me.  Definitely ask about it tho - it shows that you've done a bit of research into it.   

    There's a few public holidays over Easter (I assume the Rads won't be done on public holidays?). Ask them about that.   Combined with the time off you'd like with your tickets ... definitely ask if you can start after Easter .... 

    Not everyone gets fatigued/tired - I didn't.  Try not to worry yourself about it all ahead of times .... many of us found the Rads to be the easier of all the treatment options xx

    Yep, most stuff will be mentioned when you see the Rad Onc for 'mapping'.  Not all of them use 'tattoos' these days either, but they are miniscule & nothing to worry about (the size of a small freckle.) 

    take care
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    My treatments were all in 2020
    Mastectomy with axillary clearance, Chemo and R/T. In that order.
    I had a planning session 4 weeks before R/T started. 
    I then had 5 weeks, 25 sessions. I strongly recommend Mepitel, if you are offered it.
    I did not burn. I did not get very tired.
    If I had any tiredness it was from all of the appointments that I drove myself to.
    I was able to take a 6 day holiday with family and travelled the day after R/T finished.
    They don't usually do R/T on Public Holidays. (where I went, a public hospital)
    Where my R/T was done, there was 1 day the machine was not available.
    When I received my dates for treatment, it was to finish one week day later.
    But we were going away. So they arranged for a make up session, and did me twice one day.
    One was early and the other done late on the same day.
    Of the ladies who seem to burn, it is usually around the third week.ou mention
    Hopefully Easter will be ok, unless you are doing all of the catering. Surely other people can do some things. Perhaps before the event you could ask for an early appointment, then go home and rest.
    I don't think that it will be as bad as you may expect.
    I hope this helps a little.