Tyrosine supplement for low thyroid

Hello all - I am 1.5 years clear of cancer ER, PR+. I stopped Tamoxifen after 1 year as the side effects were pretty bad for me. I recently had my thyroids checked as i have gained ~4 kg in 1 month - something I had never done except with Tamox. All normal, but T3 on the border of non-normal low (11). Someone suggested taking tyrosin (I am looking at ThyroPlex Bioceutical - 500mg thyrosine). Will this be a risk in driving increased hormones that could cause a BC recurrence? Wading through stuff on internet is very confusing!


  • Julez1958
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    Hi @Ameraust
    Are you still under the care of an oncologist?
    Also have you been referred to a thyroid specialist?
    I had my thyroid removed after a tiny cancer was found on my PET scan after I was diagnosed with breast cancer .
    I checked with the oncologist and the thyroid specialist before putting anything in my system like supplements.
    Best to check with them in the circumstances to be absolutely safe .
  • Ameraust
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    I have not checked with any one yet...I will reach out to my BCN next...just interested if other had the same issues ...