Bone Scan along with 3yr mammogram and ultrasound

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By way of a little background I have been getting pain in my ribs off and on for a couple weeks so I was sent for an xray which didn't reveal much.

 The pain started on the right side in a rib bone directly under my right breast which had the cancer.  The last couple of days the left ribs and muscles are sore. I really felt it yesterday picking up my grandson and my night time i had pandadol and a glass of wine.

So today my Doctor requested i get a bone scan. I have arranged this for next Wednesday and I have my annual mammogram and ultrasound on Friday so get all the results together next Saturday 4th February.

I am in my third year after diagnosis. Today as well my hubby got home from hospital after cancer was successfully removed from one of his kidneys and he is recovering well and resting.

I guess I am unloading here as my husband has his own recovery battle ahead. I am a bit upset and anxious but I am ok. I know all the things to do, keeping busy doing things I like , walking, meditation etc. I know not to jump the gun and this could just be nothing at all. Just need a little support and encouraging words please. 


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    @Cath62Your anxiety is fully understandable. xx  All the best for your scan next week xx

    Good on you for jumping onto it straight away & for your GP to organise a bone scan .... I had similar a couple of years back at the 3 year mark, but it was my hip ..... I was pleased that my Onc immediately arranged scans as well & mine was all clear.    But we all need to be mindful of any unexpected pain that seems to be 'hanging on' ..... and request scans, if pain is ongoing 

    I am glad hubby's surgery has gone well & he is recovering well. 

    Sending big hugs to help you thru this anxious period xx. Take care xx
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    Hopefully the scans are clear.
    Sending virtual hugs.
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    Dear @Cath62,

    Best wishes for all your tests and results next week
    from jennyss in Western NSW
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    Hi @Cath62

    Very understandable to be anxious about this, but it’s most likely nothing at all. The pain could be there from a number of reasons, all harmless. Getting it checked was smart though, and should give you peace of mind. 
    All the best for hubby’s recovery as well. At least that’s another worry ticked off. 
    Whatever it is, there is always a solution, you just have to believe ♥️. 
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    Hi @Cath62

    Best wishes for hubby's recovery.
    Hopefully your tests and results bring a reasonable explanation and relief
    It's never easy waiting for tests and results 
    Take care
  • Cath62
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    Thanks everyone. Yes no doubt it's nothing but a weird pain, maybe even from the Letrozole. Who knows. I think I have experienced an attack of doubt probably because of my husband's surgery, too much time to think and with a bit of weird pain the my mind plays tricks. Only a week until I know and put it behind me no doubt. 
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    Hang in there and keep doing the things you are doing to remain positive.
    Sending you and your husband the very best of Warm Kimberley Wishes (albeit a bit wet, soggy and flooded) for the best of recoveries for your husband and reassurance for yourself.

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    Thank you @Annie C. Would love to visit the Kimberley. I am planning a couple of trips at the moment as I love travelling. 

    However unfortunately my pain has got worse. I presented at hospital and they did a CT contrast and found no indication of clots or anything else. I was sent home with endone and anti inflammatory and Dr said the bone scan is next, which is Wednesday. Hoping the results are with GP the next morning as I booked an appointment in anticipation.  

    My husband is doing well and steadily recovering. I am trying to watch movies and also rest because moving around in certain ways is uncomfortable for me. Wednesday just can't come quick enough. I am wondering if Letrozole could cause this pain. I guess time and the scans will tell.
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    SO sorry to hear the pain has gotten worse, @Cath62. :(   All the best for your results & scans later in the week xx

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    @Cath62 just catching up on your latest concerns/posts.  I wish you all the best for good results and hoping nothing of any major concern for you.  Hoping your hubby is on the road to recovery also.  You really don't need all this in your life, you have been through enough.  Take care and kind regards.  xx
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    Thanks for your well wishes@Keeping_positive1. Fingers crossed for me. I agree I have been through enough!  I 'll post an update later in the week. 
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    Crossing fingers and toes for you.