Flat or Implants ?

Hello! I was diagnosed in August ‘22 have just finished 6 chemo rounds with 12 more Herceptin treatments to go. My surgery is Feb 23 for a double mastectomy. I am considering immediate recon with  implants and am seeking any advice you may be able to share with me based on your own experiences with implants. 
Thank you 🙏 Chris 


  • Julez1958
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    Hi if you ask to join the private “Choosing Breast Reconstruction “ group on here there are lots of photos and stories of the various types of reconstruction including implants.
    I had DIEP flap reconstruction not implants but the decision is a very personal one ( including whether to have reconstruction at all).
    Take care 🌺
  • JP46
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    Hi @Chrissy_L2022 i had a double mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with implants 6 weeks ago. I can’t compare it to any of the other surgery options but I’ve been happy with the decision, I have breasts which feel like part of me and I have long stretches of the day now where I don’t even think about them. My implants are over the muscle. I don’t have a feeling of something foreign in my body which is one of the things I was worried about. I’m still healing and it’s a slow process, they don’t feel like my original breasts and I have no sensation but i’m impressed and grateful. Everyone’s situation and experience is unique, I didn’t have chemo to contend with. I found the breconda resource really useful for consolidating how i felt about each of the options. All the best with your decision making, I’ve found the decisions a hard part of breast cancer. 
  • Zoffiel
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    My implants from  2006 (several times revised) are under my pecs and I would not recommend them to anyone with my body type and lifestyle (larger potato fed rural with a penchant for heavy lifting) That recon was gold standard at the time and I'd say there is a reason there is a focus on less invasive techniques. Mxx
  • Abbydog
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    Sounds like you have a plan. Are you having Radiotherapy? I'm told it can make a difference.