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hi all , happy australia day ..... just typed a long report and my laptop froze dont ya hate that so lost all i had typed . any ways i hope this year is better for every one ,

my husband Daryl is slowly improving has had a few ups and downs but after a quintuple by pass to be expected , at the moment his left arm at the op site is swollen and couldnt get in to see our dr as per usual so had to see locum she said its not red or hot but just incase its infected (not) gave him penicillin. so a week has passed no change just more swollen. he will see cardiologist tomorrow 27th so hopefully she will agree to an ultra sound wich royal melb hosp has sugested.

i am going quit well usual side effects still annoying from torremifene but hopefully will be able to stop them in july when i see oncologist for my 5 YEAR MARK WHOOOOOHOOOOOO.

not long to go now fingers crossed nothing shows up. a friend of mine got to 5yrs and two days and they discovered a new lump unreal.

xmas and new year was pretty crap for us and by reading some of the other sites for others too. i hope leonie that your husband gets well and you get your holiday and Kathryne i hope all goes well for you with your heart problems. chemo is awful but what can we do? my liver funtion and plattlettes are still shot because of the chemo and my grade one heart block is worse.

but on the up we are here , we are strong and god help any illness that takes us on . love to all 



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    Hi Fran,

    I just wanted to tell you that i love you, thank you for being you.

    I hope that Daryl gets better and you get off the meds and quite frankly that 2012 is a better year for us all.

    Danielle xx

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    Daryl saw cardiologist today and had his ultrasound his arm has fluid which all being well will be removed by asperation needle next week. but other than that she is very happy with him. 

    so thats a real plus.

    we had some of the grandkids here for Aust day and that was nice, our latest grand kids twin girls are now 6 months .dont know how to add pics to this site but will occasionally put their pics on my home site here. check  them out. jade on left and leyla on right.

    stay well girls and keep in touch. xx Fran