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ntranntran Member Posts: 1
Hi all,

I've recently been diagnosed with breast cancer (2 weeks to be exact). I'm still trying to process the diagnosis & what it means while also juggling work & a 2yo toddler. My surgeon is keen to start my surgery soon & I'm now in a situation where I need to quickly decide on the type of reconstruction to have. I know there is a group where this discussion sits however my request is still pending & I'm desperate for advice before my appointment on Monday evening.

I'm leaning towards flap reconstruction & have read many of the "benefits" & "drawbacks". Over-information takes you down a scary rabbit hole and gets quite confusing doing all this research. Wondering if anyone can kindly share their experiences? 
- Did you have any regrets?
- What would you have done differently?
- Are there any long-term impacts that is just not written about?
- What are the good points from your decision?
- Does input from partner/family matter as much as you thought? 

Thank you,


  • mum2jjmum2jj Member Posts: 4,253
    Hi Nhan,
    I’ve just signed you up to the choosing breast reconstruction group. 
    Paula x
  • AbbydogAbbydog Member Posts: 346
    I had Stage 2, Grade 3 Ductal BC. My treatment was as a Private patient,
    I say this only because it sometimes changes the speed of things and the choices.
    I was not offered any immediate reconstruction at all.
    He and I were very happy to get my Cancer out ASAP.
    I required SMX with axillary clearance, 20 weeks duration of Chemo and 5 weeks of Radiotherapy.
    Now I am on Aromatase Inhibitors for 5-10 years.
    This year I have had reconstruction. 
    My story is on the Group 'Choosing Breast Reconstruction'.
    It is a discussion called 'Not suitable for DIEP My Reconstruction'
    There are photos and my reasons for my choice.
    I am very happy.
    I believe my initial Breast surgeon was keen to get my Cancer under control and for me to be fully
    recovered from my treatments.
    If you should need radiotherapy, it may change you decision on what to do.
    R/T can spoil some reconstructions and damage Implants.
    I had Lat Dorsi on my Cancer side.
    That side feels a bit thicker, with more side boob. The Lat Dorsi does include bringing the muscle 
    through under the arm ( under the skin), this does make my side under arm a little firmer and thicker.
    This is still much better than being flat on that side.
    It was large surgery, but I also had breast surgery to the other side at the same time.
    This took 8hrs and 7 nights in hospital. Mostly waiting for my 6 wound drains to slow down.
    Don't be in a hurry. 
    Reconstruction can be done later. 
    Do you know what extent of treatment you need?
    Ask me anything.
    If your treatment is extensive, you may have Income Protection 
    in your Superannuation to access. If so get the forms started ASAP, it takes a bit of time.
    All the very best.

  • arpiearpie Member Posts: 6,371
    Great info there @Abbydog

    Sorry to see you here @ntran - as both ladies have mentioned - joining the Breast Reconstruction group will help - where you can raise any questions in total privacy & see pics of 'before & after'. @Carissa_BCNA - could ntran's membership be fast tracked, please?

    Everyone's case is different & as Abbydog mentions - some treatments may even adversely affect some reconstruction plans too - so some members don't have the recon done immediately.  

    You could also join the Young Women group - to chat with similar aged members, who also may have young children.

    Is your surgeon a Plastic Surgeon as well as a Breast Cancer surgeon?  Not all are.

    If you add your town/region to your profile, we may have members nearby who you can chat with & even meet up (when possible) for a coffee & chat xx

    take care & all the best for your decision making.

    Jump on here for some 'general' info on the forum, including what to take to hospital with you & other bits that may interest you (even some humorous bits xx)
  • Julez1958Julez1958 Member Posts: 610
    Hi @ntran
    I also endorse comments above about joining the private choosing breast reconstruction group on here - I found it very helpful.
    I had stage 2 grade 2 lobular cancer - tumour was large (5.5cm) and although it was not in my lymph nodes I was recommended radiotherapy  which I had ( 28 sessions).
    I decided to have the other boob looped off as well and have double DIEP flap surgery .
    My story and some photos are in the private group.
    I am now just over 1 year since the DIEP flap surgery and have absolutely no regrets.
    It is a big surgery and big recovery but in the scheme of things I consider it was worth it.
    All the best.
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