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Surgery tomorrow

Ruth_2022 Member Posts: 1
Recent diagnosis of invasive ductal carcinoma, Grade 1.  Surgery tomorrow - lumpectomy & some lymph nodes . Churning gut but almost keen to done. Any tips for tomorrow?


  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,003
    Sorry to see you here, @Ruth_2022 .... joining the club you never thought you'd join!   Once you've had your surgery, you will be surprised at how 'relieved' you will feel, knowing it is 'out'.  But the nerves leading up to it is very normal xx

    Check out this page for other 'stuff' on the forum (even some amusing bits) - Down the bottom is a link to 'what to take to hospital' with you ....  and also a link to some 'tick sheets' that you can print off & fill in to take to your appointments after your surgery.

    Have you been assigned a Breast Care Nurse yet?  Sometimes your surgeon will have their own, or a McGrath nurse may be allocated to you xx. 

    Whack up any questions that you have here & someone will jump on & reply.  

    Take care & all the best for tomorrow xx

  • jennyss
    jennyss Member Posts: 1,849
    Dear @Ruth_2022,

    for tomorrow from jennyss in Western NSW
  • Cath62
    Cath62 Member Posts: 1,130
    edited November 2022
    Hi @Ruth_2022, best wishes for tomorrow. You will be ok.

    I had that surgery too. I had surgery in the afternoon and then slept the night and went home the next day. I was not really sore but I was a bit uncomfortable sleeping for a couple weeks or so. I had a breast care nurse who helped me with a few things to help me get better.

    A button through is essential in hospital and recovery. Just easier to get dressed. Gentle walks when you are up to it. Eat well to help you recover and take the advice from your medical team. 

    Do you have support at home? Accept help with washing, housework and cooking too if you can. Be kind to yourself and it's ok to have a few moments.

    Treat yourself too. I celebrated after every treatment eg surgery, chemo and radium with a favourite meal, glass of wine. I even went away for a couple days. Have you heard of the Otto's Foundation. They help with little getaways for those with breast cancer. You might like to check their website. 

    Ask any questions from all of us here. This is a fantastic support group really. I couldn't have got through it all without this online group.

    Good luck tomorrow.
  • Arn_007
    Arn_007 Member Posts: 17
    Hi Ruth_2022,

    Best wishes for your surgery.  You can do this.

  • iserbrown
    iserbrown Member Posts: 5,375
    Best wishes 
    Take care