Newly diagnosed and hello

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I'm newly diagnosed (25 Oct) and had surgery (lumpectomy + 7 nodes) last week. Recovery is going well.  Breast care nurse had some great advice.

I'm meeting the oncologist this week.  Will see how it goes.



  • FLClover
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    Welcome ☺️. I’m glad your recovery is going well, and here’s hoping for some good news from the oncologist 🤞🍀. 

  • Cath62
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    Hi @Arn_007, welcome to this club that none of thought we would be in. Glad you got through your surgery. It's all such a whirlwind isn't it. It's great you have a breast care nurse to ask questions and talk about things. Hopefully you also have good family or friends support too. 

    This is a tough gig so be kind to yourself. It is important to put yourself first now and listen to what your doctors say and suggest as treatment. You may already have a support person to take to appointments but if not its a good idea. Writing questions down helps too.

    This forum is great and you can ask anything from us. We are all happy to help. I really needed this group getting through treatment which was in 2020 for me  I had surgery, chemo and radium and now on pills for 5 to 10 yrs. I am doing well post active treatment. Hopefully you will get through this too. Best wishes 

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    Welcome, @Arn_007 .... if you have any queries, just whack up a question - and those who've 'been there, done that', will jump on with a reply xx. I hope you are going well with your recovery.

    We have lots of members in Brisbane, so who knows, you may be able to meet up now & then for a coffee & a natter.

    As @Cath62 said - take a support person with you ... and I would also recommend that you record your sessions on your phone, as it is so easy to forget bits, even whilst you are there with them.  

    When you have a minute, Jump onto this thread - it just shows other areas of the forum that you may be interested in - art, craft, gardening & other topics .... and there is also a link to some 'tick sheets' that you may like to check out before you see the Onc or other team members ... they can help you assess yourself, re how you are going.

    take care & all the best with your Onc appt xx
  • Arn_007
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    Hi FLClover, Cath62 and arpie,

    Thank you so much for the tips and good wishes.


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    Dear @Arn_007,

    from jennyss in Western NSW
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    Welcome @Arn_007
    This forum is a great place to search for stuff ( there are a number of recurring themes) and also to post questions as even though everyone has a slightly different experience , we share a lot in common and “ get it” in a way someone who hasn’t been there never can.
    I found as well as the physical challenges , the emotional and psychological challenges at times affected me quite badly.
    I found the podcast in the announcements up the top “ Dr Charlotte Tottman - What you don’t know until you do” very helpful - she was a psychologist specialising  in cancer related distress who was herself diagnosed with breast cancer.
    Take care 🌺
  • Rdc2022
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    Hi there, 
    I had a lumpectomy and two nodes removed. Agree with other comments. What I’d add is find a good exercise physiologist when you’re ready. I was referred to one by the private hospital I went to. She was very helpful. Also don’t be surprised if your oncologist or breast surgeon don’t give you all the answers…. I’ve found I’ve stumbled on information as I’ve gone along. Best wishes