Male Breast Cancer Awareness Day - 20th October 2022

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‘Despite facing a
reduced lifespan, I like to invest my thoughts and energy into what is possible
rather than what is probable. I plan to defy the odds by continuing to fight. I
am really looking forward to spending lots of time with Shauna and my young
is Male Breast Cancer Awareness Day, and we would like to highlight that breast
cancer can affect anyone, with around 212 men diagnosed each year in Australia. 

Paul has a strong family
history of breast cancer and carries the BRCA-2 gene mutation, but his initial
diagnosed in 2018 still came as a shock. He was then diagnosed with metastatic
breast cancer in 2021.

Like many other men in our network, Paul wants to raise awareness that breast
cancer can affect anyone and that the experiences of living with breast cancer
have similarities regardless of gender.

You can read his full story via the following link:
story (

Our online network also has a private group Men
living with breast cancer
 to enable men to connect and support each other through their breast cancer journey.

Don't forget that BCNA are hosting an interactive webcast tonight for men diagnosed with breast cancer from 6:00pm to 8:00pm AEDT. To
register or for more information about the event, click on the following link: