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Dr John Gault Gold Coast- any feedback? 
We don’t live here, literally diagnosed while on holidays so no idea about surgeons here. Appointment is tomorrow morning so any feedback appreciated x 


  • Cath62
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    Sorry you find yourself here. I am in Brisbane so can't assist with the feedback. Can you check online or ask him about patient feedback? Ask about his experience? Most doctors will be happy to talk about their training and experience. Good luck with your appointment.
  • arpie
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    Do you have someone to take with you for the meeting? As an extra set of ears & for support as well?  Consider recording it on your phone, too .... it is easy to miss things ...

    All the best for your appt today.  I just googled him & he has very favourable reviews on Google (10 x 5 Star)  and you can read other reviews here

    take care