Reconstruction decision making

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    I had double mastectomy ( skin sparing with insertion of tissue expanders ) , radiation therapy and then 8 months after the end of my radiation therapy DIEP flap surgery .
    That was 12 months ago and I am happy with my decision.
    My story is in the “ Choosing Breast Reconstruction” private group you should ask to join- there are lots of helpful stories and photos on there.
    I am 64 ( was 63 when had the DIEP surgery) and couldn’t face the thought of having another surgery in my 70s to replace the implants ( a likely scenario).
    However many ladies are happy with implants.
    It is a very personal decision to be made after taking medical advice and weighing up the pros and cons.
    The DIEP surgery is big as is the recovery and you would know as a nurse all surgery has risks.
    There is another website worth looking at too - Reclaim Your Curves”.
    Take care🌺