Hot flush game changer!!! Oxybutynin 5mg twice a day. Can be Prescribed by Onc

Who is getting Hot Flushes?  Have you been given any meds to combat it?

Oxybutynin has been used to mitigate hot flushes/flashes for at least 5 years in the USA - has anyone been prescribed it in Australia?

It is more known as an incontinence game changer (hubby was on it & it gave him his dignity back.)  He rarely had spills after he started wearing the patches (His were Oxytrol Patches you change them every 4 days) - these appear to be tablets.

So .... if you ARE having lots of hot flushes due to your AI Meds & are inconvenienced by them - maybe ask your Onc about the use of Oxybutynin!