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Pain Pain go away

cranky_granny Member Posts: 579
Pain pain go away come again another day
laying in bed listening to the thunderstorm raging outside. Instead of the usual ditty it comes out as above
I’m at the max of my drugs and my head is spinning and tummy is churning 
bad night tonight. Matching the weather outside. 
Sorry for the gripe. It helps the emotions to get it out. Just wish that worked on my aches and pains. 
Physio and counselling not till next week cant come soon enough for me. 


  • iserbrown
    iserbrown Member Posts: 5,375
    Agree that talking about it helps emotionally!  I'd say the damp weather isn't helping the aches and pains. 
    Hope you're a little better as the daylight comes in
    Take care
  • cranky_granny
    cranky_granny Member Posts: 579
    pain still there struggling to walk just chop my leg off at the hip. At the moment I have had enough. There are others worse off I’m  just feeling  sorry for myself thats all. 
    I’ll bounce back. Not working till Saturday hopefully things will settle before then

  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,003
    edited September 2022
    I am SO sorry to hear this @cranky_granny - you should NOT be in pain.

    If your tummy is churning & you've been taking your max drugs (specially if they include ibuprofen & other pain killers/anti inflams) you may have compromised your stomach (the same happened to me some years ago with a hip problem .... the anti inflams had started aggravating my tummy.). You may need an 'uppie & downie' to assess any possible damage.

    Can you talk to your breast care nurse, Onc and/or GP for an urgent pain/treatment assessment (get your BC Nurse to ring the GP/Onc if you are not up to it, for an urgent appointment?  GPs always have some spots available every day for unexpected situations just like this) .... your pain needs to be addressed NOW, not next week!

    Dare I say it - speak with your GP about the possible use of Medicinal Cannabis Oil - you should be able to access the strongest  available - altho sadly, it is still expensive even going thru the GP/Pharmacy access ...... message me if you'd like more info xx

    take care - I hope you are seen today or at least tomorrow xxx
  • GenK
    GenK Member Posts: 65
    Pain is far from fun. With mum experiencing it more post-op and during treatment I’ve had to help guide her with some ideas as I live with chronic pain. Things like pacing, distraction, and sensory relief (in my case things that are soothing for me) can help my experience of the pain so it doesn’t interfere as much and I don’t have to take as many pain meds. If you can afford it then some people do find medicinal CBD/THC helpful, and if long term then maybe linking with a pain clinic might be helpful. The pain clinic near me is fabulous and helped me work out what meds worked for me, gave me some other ideas, and at one stage I had a ketamine infusion which helped reset my pain sensor cells so since the infusion I’ve required less pain medication. Given one of my conditions I have physio weekly and that in combination helps. Happy to expand. My worst days I can barely get out of bed for the toilet, though that’s less often now, and I can’t focus properly so I listen to audiobooks or music in a dimly lit room. 
    Regardless the cause, hope it eases soon 🌺
  • cranky_granny
    cranky_granny Member Posts: 579
    Thanks everyone. Pain is the same. I’m using my coping strategies to get through it
    physio is next Tuesday just got to hang in till then. Just as well work is only 2 short days and it distracts me as well. Thank goodness its not a physical job 

  • Arn_007
    Arn_007 Member Posts: 17
    Just a comment re THC

    My late friend had a lyposarcoma (tumour just gets bigger and bigger - surgery only treatment until they can operate no more), she said that THC was ineffective for her pain - something that late stage BC patients may need to keep in mind because "everyone" will suggest THC as a panacea.

    My friend suggested that THC was better for "getting old" type aches and pain.

    That's one opinion.  Everyone is different and different bodies respond differently.
  • Arn_007
    Arn_007 Member Posts: 17
    Re my previous comment, I'm not suggesting the original commenter is late stage.  
  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,003
    edited November 2022
    @Arn_007 I am so sorry to hear about your late friend's pain issues ..... the palliative care people keep telling us that there WON'T be pain at the end stage - but from what I've seen personally, this is NOT always so.  :(  

    There are also quite a few 'strength levels' of THC and CBD that are available, one of which should suit most pain levels ... I wonder if they had been prescribed the correct dosage and/or mix, for their condition and pain level?
    How To Calculate The Strength Of CBD Oil:
    • Anything below 10 mg/mL (10%) is considered low strength.
    • Anything between 15 and 30 mg/mL (15-30%) is medium strength.
    • Anything between 30 and 60 (30-60%) is high strength.
    • Anything else (60+%) is considered ultra-high-strength or classified as a concentrate.
    The highest dose (called 'feco') is actually a paste & a pinhead to rice sized bit can alleviate most pains better than opioids, without the fear of addiction. 

    As you say, everyone is different & their pain tolerance may be different as well .... there can be a bit of trial & error before the correct dosage can be worked out. :( 

    Here is an interesting read on cannabis oil strengths ...... explaining how a smaller bottle (but same 'strength') is effectively a bigger dose than from a larger bottle (as there is less oil in each dose!)  Which makes sense, as we probably wouldn't reduce the amount of 'drops' that we take when swapping from a bigger bottle to the smaller bottle ..... so should get a better effect from the smaller bottle - tho our brain tells us that the cheaper price for the larger bottle is 'better'!  But not necessarily so!

  • Arn_007
    Arn_007 Member Posts: 17
    Hi arpie,
    Thanks for the THC info.  There's definitely more to it.  😀

    Thank you for the kind words re my friend.

    Please, be assured my friend definitely wasn't in any pain.  Palliative care were fantastic.  They came to her house.  She had a baseline level of relief and then toppers for extra bad times.  Relief to such a level that she was able to go to Brisbane comedy festival in her last month.

    (Disclaimer of course that each person and treatment is different and hers was a very particular cancer (not BC).)