After Breast Conserving surgery or Lumpectomy

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Hi from Perth WA.  I had my op two weeks ago. I have been very sore until the last two days. I have been told that's unusual. I had two sentinel nodes removed but the scar is quite long  so may have been more. Seeing specialist tomorrow for results and to plan radiation therapy. I'm wondering if others can share where they got radiation done in Perth. Its very worrying and I'm concerned about getting through it without help. Cheers and bless


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    @Dazzle I had a lumpectomy and the sentinel node removal spot was more painful than my surgery site!  And I reckon pain/discomfort for 2 weeks would be pretty 'standard' .... as it takes a little while for the cut to heal and the nerves/everything to settle down again .... my node site also felt quite numb too ....

    Keep a record of your painful episodes & try & rate them 1 - 10 ....  If you check out this post - there is a lot of info that may help you on the site, including down the bottom of the page, a link to some 'tick sheets' that you can print off & fill in & take with you to your specialists .....

    Good luck for your results tomorrow & Rads Plan ....  many of us found the Rads to be ' fairly easy' compared to the surgery & post op recovery & definitely easier than chemo - so hopefully you will be the same. xx   You will also see a Radiation Oncologist and Medical Oncologist .... they (and your breast care nurse) will guide you on lotions & potions & regimes ..... 

    Take care & all the best xx
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    Thanks @arpie
    That is good to know. Stinging in my nodes area and still tenderness in breast. But good to know sounds relatively normal. I have been researching lotions. I use moo good anyway so I'll stick with that. How long did you have radiation for? I  not sure about this 7 day programme 
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    Hi there
    i had my surgery in my home town of Sydney and had a lot of pain after the mastectomy - had to take Endone for 4 weeks and got quite down about it.
    Two years on from m surgery this is all a receding memory and I am getting in with life.
    You too will get through this 🌺
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    @Dazzle - I had a month of radiation, every day Mon-Fri & then 3 or 4 booster shots at the end .... it is usually a Mon-Fri program. 

    I had my surgery in Sydney (private = costs $$$) & had my radiation (public = free) in Port Macquarie & stayed at the Rotary Lodge there at VERY reasonable prices, as I live 'rural & it is the closest Radiation place to where I live.

    Your Rad Onc & breast care nurse will take you thru the process - and they will recommend lotions & potions but Moo Goo is VERY popular.  Do it at least 2 a day (but NOT before your daily treatment - only afterwards.) 

    The stinging (even stabbing) pains can be ongoing for some months .... if it ever gets worse - make sure you tell your breast care nurse and/or surgeon. 

    take care & all the best 

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    Dear @Dazzle,

    from jennyss in Western NSW
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    Thanks @jennyss. Apt was positive. All known cancer removed and only one node which was clear. So nice to talk to others