Hello, please tell me what the survival rate is for single mastectomy without hormone blockers.? I have  2  days to decide. 


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    Hi @Cora, this is a difficult question and many more variables are factored into survival such as the detailed pathology results, genetics, lifestyle, one's outlook, other treatment such as chemo etc. Your asking an impossible question.

    It's best to discuss these types of questions with your medical team. They are the experts and can explain what difference hormone blockers would make to your future. 

    If your medical experts are suggesting hormone blockers to give you a greater chance for the futures go for it. All I can say is ask what percentage of your treatment is the hormone blockers? For me I had surgery, chemo, radium and hormone blockers. The hormone blockers are 60% of my treatment strategy. There is no way I would just not have them.

    Good luck with your decision.
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    That question is best discussed with your medical team.

    Have you read the booklet on Hormone Therapy?  Links within this link

    Certainly do your research- as long as you are comfortable in yourself with your decision 
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    Hi Cora
    I agree with the above , everyone is different and euro have a treatment programme tailored to their individual situation.usually you will have a multi disciplinary team discuss your case whether it is in the public or private system.
    This involves the breast cancer surgeon, oncologist and radiation oncologist.
    I followed all advice given including mastectomy , radiotherapy and now hormone blockers.
    I had confidence  in my team and didn’t seek a second opinion.
    I did do some independent research on the hormone blockers ( including on this website)  and was concerned about side effects but my oncologist stressed how much I would benefit from them and that not everyone has side effects or severe side effects do I decided I would go ahead with them.
    Take care.🌺

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    I agree with all the advise above, but I rather gather your team have given you their advise regarding treatment and so now your question is a matter of statistics. As I've said quite a few times in this forum, statistics are 'flexible'. If I saw a poster on a shop window offering 5% off of handbags, I probably wouldn't be bothered to go in and have a seems a piffling amount. If a gunman entered a large city school with a thousand pupils and shot dead 5% of the kids...that would be 50 dead children....same 5%. I doubt it would be much consolation for the parents of those killed to be told..."Well 95% of the children were safe...that your child was one of the unfortunate 5% is most unfortunate". A question to ask yourself is will you still be happy with your decision if you decline treatment, and heaven forbid, it does return as stage 4? Will you have the "what if" or "should I have"..."might I have been one of those small percentage for whom were protected"? or will you say "well I rolled the dice and lost...that's life..."
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    Dear @Cora

    On the assumption that you don’t like what you have heard/read about hormone blockers, I agree with @Julez1958, not everyone has really bad side effects. I have managed nine and a half years without terrible changes to my life and activity. Side effects are very variable. If it’s recommended by your team, give it a shot. You can always stop.