Travelling interstate for treatment?

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Hello.  I live in Tasmania (Hobart) and have just been diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma.  I am wondering whether anyone else has considered travelling interstate for treatment (was thinking about Peter MacCallum) or whether this is just a silly idea.  The impression I got from my GP is that there are pretty limited options in Tasmania for specialists. If travelling is a silly idea, is anyone able to recommend someone fabulous here in Hobart?


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    Hi @FarmGirl sorry about your diagnosis but you will find a lot of information on this website including this forum.You can also ring the helpline during the week.
    I am in Sydney so didn’t need to travel for my treatment but I am on a Facebook page for DIEP reconstruction in the United States and lots of ladies on there have travelled interstate for that particular type of surgery which is very specialised.
    Hopefully some people from Tasmania can hop on here and help out with recommendations.
    I had my surgery in the private system
    and my GP referred me to my breast cancer surgeon who in turn referred me to a plastic surgeon ( for reconstruction ) and my radiation oncologist and oncologist.
    I was very happy with my team .
    Breast cancer affects one in seven women in Australia so I would think Hobart would be well served with breast cancer specialists to see in the public and private system.
    All the best 🌺
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    I am so sorry to read of your diagnosis - mine was lobular as well @FarmGirl .... I live on the Mid North Coast NSW, but travelled to Sydney for my surgery & recuperation as I felt the choice of specialists was better there than locally (where often a general surgeon will do the op here, rather than a specialist Breast Cancer Surgeon.)   I was lucky that my 2 brothers live in Sydney, so could stay with one before & after surgery & for the first checkup a week later.

    Are you 'local' to Hobart - or do you live an hour or so outside of Hobart?   We have a 'rural and remote group' that you can join to find out what services are available to you (eg travel & accommodation) ... it is a new group, but info will be added on a regular basis. 

    I would be very surprised if there are not good, qualified Breast Cancer Surgeons in Hobart or elsewhere in Tassie.

    We have quite a few members from Tassie - if you put 'Hobart' in your profile, and click on the wheel of your post & add 'Hobart' to your post Headline ..... they may jump on & give you local advice?  (You have 24 hrs from 6.30am where you can edit your post.  After that, it is permanent.)

    If you travel interstate for your treatment, keep in mind that you will need to continue to do so for your post surgery & yearly checkups (as physical checkups would be needed for at least the first 2 years ...) and you may not qualify for travel & accommodation assistance from the Tassie Gov - as you are usually covered if you need to travel from home to the closest Dr/facility.  It is important to have family/friends around you for support as you go thru your surgery/treatment .... 

    Then there is your followup treatment - your surgeon would usually have a specific team that they work with - but I would imagine you would prefer to have your other treatment closer to home?

    There is a Facebook Group called The Boobie Bunch Northern Tasmania - they may be able to give you qualified info on their own surgery - maybe message them?  

    Some info re BC stuff in Tassie ...

    Oncologists ... even if you don't need chemo, you will see an Oncologist at least in the early stages of your treatment .... possibly Radiation Oncologist as well as Medical Oncologist (I had radiation for mine, then Hormone Treatment with the Medical Oncologist that is ongoing for 5-10 years.)

    Jump onto this thread for a bit of info re the blog & how it may help you xx

    Take care, take plenty of deep breaths ..... all the best with your decisions .... xx
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    Are you looking for a medical oncologist?  I recommend Robert McIntosh in Hobart.  I have not personally seen him, but a family friend (a physician in Sydney) says he is the most knowledgeable oncologist he knows.
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    Thank you for all the advice - all very helpful.