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Anyone not had chemotherapy with grade 3 breast cancer clear lymph nodes and stage 1?


  • Cath62
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    Hi @Pommy8, I had grade 3  no lymph and early breast cancer. My ki67 was really high. I also prior to my breast cancer had 3 malignant melanoma.

    I had genetic testing but no brca gene but I did have one family member (maternal cousin) die of breast cancer. They had 3 returns of bc before it got her in the end. I also had another maternal cousin die of ovarian cancer.

    So after going through my risk profile and pathology I did have chemo. 3 rounds of AC and 9 of taxol. I also had radium as I had a lumpectomy and now I am taken Letrozole. Tried tamoxifen for 20 months but side effects forced a change.

    At the time of changing to Letrozole I reviewed my risk with my oncologist. My grade 3 and other pathology put my return rate as high hence sticking with the aggressive treatment. While chemo was hard and other treatments have their challenges, for me I needed to do whatever I could to stop this coming back. I would be kicking myself if I didn't have a treatment and it came back... but that's me.

    I have a friend who was grade 3 and no lymph. She didn't complete her chemo or her radium and she refused tamoxifen. She lasted 10 yrs and then bc came back with another aggressive cancer but in the other breast. She now has removed both her breasts. 

    It's a big decision. Weight it all up and be confident in you decision. It is your decision to make. 
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    I am assuming your post suggests you are uncertain about a decision you are about to make.

    Is there family history to consider.   

    Are you concerned about the side effects of treatment as when you read through previous posts it's a matter of personal choice and some get through treatment with minimal side effects and others cop quite a few!  

    Currently as I comment here there's an article on TV abt exercise, mental health and chemo et cetera  45mins, 3 times/week some sort of exercise 

    Some on here talk about the importance of going for a walk regular exercise during and,lymphoedema and lowered bone density.

    As @Cath62 mentioned above reasons are personal and varied.

    Treatment offered by the medical team is tailored to your situation 

    Please be comfortable with your decision 

    Take care

  • Pommy8
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    No family history!
    K27 at 58%
    Dcis with 8mm cancer now removed.
    Lymph nodes clear
    Grade 3 stage 1 
    Hormone receptor going to be on Letrozole
    On fence with chemo as only for might have floaters.
    Sent further testing to America waiting on results sent as they aren't sure if chemo will benefit me with this type of cancer.

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    Your test will be useful, as it’s your pathology. What someone else does or doesn’t do isn’t always helpful. When considering benefits, I remember my surgeon advising ‘that every point counts’. If your test indicates no benefit, fair enough, but even a small amount of benefit is worth serious consideration. Chemo scares most people, but as @iserbrown says reactions to chemo vary a lot. Best wishes.
  • Pommy8
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    I'm terrified as I'm sure most people are.
    I am on tender hooks dreading my mobile ringing saying come in for results.
    My struggle is the what if I can't grasp poisoning my body on what if floaters.
    Different story if I had a tumour that needing shrinking and no choice It wouldn't be even a conversation on not having chemo.
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    Oh @Pommy8, please please try not to get ahead of yourself  no freaking out. Breathe deeply, slowly and controlled. You don't need to be second guessing and doing the what ifs. Calm, stay calm as nd breathe deeply. Stay in the moment and trust you are going to get through this. We are here for you. Sending lots of love ❤
  • Cath62
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    Just one more thought @Pommy8. If you do go with chemo maybe this would help. When I got my chemo I imagined it being a golden light of healing energy that was only going to kill any cancer cells. I imagined that it would not impact my other cells in anyway. I think it helped me not get sick or suffer from bad side effects. Take care 💐
  • lovemoon
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    I was initially diagnosed with DCIS on both breasts and a double mastectomy was recommended. However, after the surgery, the pathology found a Grade 3 invasive apocrine carcinoma on the left side and a micrometer of 1.5mm in the lymph node in the left side, so, mine is Grade 3 at early stage 2. The CT scan didn't pick up anything including the one in the lymph node, so, there's a possibility of undetected cancer cells in my body and, 4 cycles of chemo with TC was recommended.
    I decided to go ahead because I don't want to regret in the future if anything happens. At least, I've done what I can. I just finished my final treatment on Wednesday. Yes, the last 3 months have been tough, don't really know if the drug is killing what, do I really have undetected cancer cells for the drugs to kill? Were the drugs just killing my healthy cells? It has been very tough, but again, like I say, I don't want to regret for not doing anything while I can.
    It is definitely a personal choice. Thinking back about the last 3 months, I'd say the side effects were not too bad, most are manageable or will go away after a while. But I have to say, it's the mental stress (don't know what's the next side effects, will I get an infection, don't know how to handle the side effects..) that was the hardest part. So, just stay calm if you do decide to go ahead. The chemo won't kill you after all, just think of it as a chance to reset and rebuild yourself in a healthier way. Sending you lots of love  <3 Be positive!