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Cowgirl1Cowgirl1 Adelaide CocokatoovalleyMember Posts: 66
it’s been quiet a while since I have been on hear , I am in my 7 th year and I am off tamoxifen woo hoo.
I am on a bit of a mission and would love some feed back from you all regarding going to a public hospital what did you get after your surgeries the freebies , bra , leaflets , the horse shoe pillow for under your arm etc. I went private and got all these and more , why does it have to be so different we all have gone through cancer we all should receive the same things regardless. I have had a few friends that have gone through the public hospital and didn’t get any information that might help you. This isn’t right as far as I know public patients now have a breast care nurse which they didn’t before . Love some feed back ladies ox 


  • LocksleyLocksley Macedon Ranges, VictoriaMember Posts: 846
    I went public and during covid as well with many lockdowns.  I received pamphlet re bcna from breast care nurse.  Received brochures about head wear / wigs.  I received a free berlei bra and a zonta moon pillow.  I felt I received good information.  Received a flyer re look good feel better program.
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 4,021
    I went private. I had excellent care and lots of information but no bra, no pillow, no breast care nurse. I didn’t need or miss them. I think details of care provided may vary from place to place but as far as I was concerned, I got everything I wanted and needed. 
  • Julez1958Julez1958 SydneyMember Posts: 607
    Hi I went private and received the BCNA kit including bra brochure from my breast care nurse.
    I didn’t get a pillow and think that round have been a nice thing to get.
    I did ask on here at the time about the pillow and understood it was a Victorian thing.
    My care was great I was in St Vincent’s Private here in Sydney.
  • Cath62Cath62 Brisbane Member Posts: 931
    I went private and the hospital breast care nurse provide a couple of bras, pillow and bunch of padded dressings and information. Surgeon gave me a brochure for bcna. I was also given access to a wellness program at the hospital.  My cancer and treatment was in 2020 throughout lockdown etc so face to face wellness programs were not available. 
  • Cowgirl1Cowgirl1 Adelaide CocokatoovalleyMember Posts: 66
    That’s good thanks for your comments , I’m in SA and ZONTA provide free moon pillow as someone said, they are great it takes the weight off your are to your breast. You can contact them and they will send one out for free. It sounds like things might have changed a bit and yes I think it might not be in all public hospitals.
  • Cowgirl1Cowgirl1 Adelaide CocokatoovalleyMember Posts: 66
    Also do you know about Otis Foundation they are fantastic and I have used them free accommodations in most states so you can recharge after surgeries etc.
  • Blossom1961Blossom1961 Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,012
    I went public. Free pillow, bra, McGrath nurse, prosthetic, information galore, extra dressings, free bag for tube box thingy.
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 5,204
    I was private
    My surgeon has 2 breast care nurses on staff and I was provided with a lot of literature,  Berlei bra, bag of goodies including BCNA DVD

    Zonta pillow, drain bag, bag to carry xrays and.......

    Very fortunate to be given lots of information and follow-up by the Breast care nurse once home
  • Pommy8Pommy8 PerthMember Posts: 81
    Gone private and its pay out pay out mainly for testing in skg.
    Also radiation 2500 happy to pay that as closer to home.
    And tests sent to America $5000 that's so far so far $10 grand .
  • JwrennJwrenn Mornington PeninsulaMember Posts: 137
    edited August 14
    Was public here, saw a breast care nurse before my surgery who gave me a nice bag for X-rays which had a pillow for after surgery, drain bag which I didn’t need as had lumpectomy and a lavender sachet plus info including about Otis foundation. The bags and pillow are made by volunteers, I have a friend who sews them at Spotlight. Also a berlei bra. Not sure where I found the information about the Look Good Feel Better program, might have been when I had radiation. But I had to do a zoom session for that as it was during the beginning of lockdown. But doing that  I got some free skincare and makeup. Lucky my surgery was in February 2020 just before lockdown.
  • au0reiau0rei Member Posts: 216
    Hi, I had my surgery (mastectomy) as a private patient and received whatever you have received. With my recent breast reconstruction, I went as a public patient and also received similar stuff all over. I even had a wonderful breast recon nurse be with me and helped me through the process. It was amazing. I think whether private or public, we really are very blessed to have the health care that we get over here. xx
  • OzhulagalOzhulagal Member Posts: 3
    I went private, had lots of info and support from breast care nurse before 1st surgery ( when I was in a bit of a fog and I didn't really know what I was getting in to!) She gave me the Zonta pillow and a lot of reading material. She called me after path report came back suggesting mastectomy would be needed.  After mastectomy she gave me a drain bag..(.which was very useful for the 15 days I had the drain) and bought a berlei bra that didn't fit and a crocheted boob..which did fit. She ordered  another from berlei which was still too small when in arrived.  Went public with radiotherapy which was fantastic...looked on my medicare history to see that my 25 treatments cost 25 thousand dollars!  Im so thankful for medicare and public hospital system.
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