Mastectomy with implant Vs a TUG/VUG reconstruction

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Hi Everyone,

I’d be interested in hearing from anyone that has had an implant (prosthesis) following single or bilateral mastectomy. I am still in the decision-making period but time is quickly running out.

I currently have a single mastectomy and immediate (VUG thigh) reconstruction scheduled, but would really like to know of any people’s experiences who have opted for implants. It would be also be helpful to hear from anyone who has undergone TUG or VUG reconstruction. The quandary is really stressing me out, and it would be helpful to know of anyone’s experience regarding these choices.

At present, I feel hesitant about prosthesis but any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


  • BlackWidow
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    @Pamyosh.  I had a single mastectomy as I was not offered anything else.  Personally, knowing what I know now, I would go for anything except a fake bit of silicone (or whatever) in my body.  All the best.
  • Pamyosh
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    Thank you for your feedback @BlackWidow, much appreciated. All the best.
  • Mez_BCNA
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    Hi @Pamyosh, I have also invited you to the private group 'Choosing Breast Reconstruction' if you would like to join and seek other people's experiences.
  • Pamyosh
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    Thank you @Mez_BCNA, that is much appreciated. Best, P
  • Sharon21
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    Hi I have currently been diagnised for the second time and having a masectomy and interested in reconstruction so also looking to see what peoples reaction are to your question
  • June1952
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    @Sharon21 - do join the private Choosing Breast Reconstruction group on here.  See the panel to the right of the screen and apply to join.  A wealth of info and very helpful ladies in the group.