Change in lump size

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Hi all - I had a biopsy today for a lump that they were very concerned about at ultrasound and mammogram. When I had my ultrasound it was measured at 2.3cms. The next day I got my period and felt by fingertip that it had got smaller - today it really felt noticeably smaller. The measurements they did today put it at more like 1.5cms. Has anyone experienced this? Can a tumour change size so quickly - in this case, get smaller? 

The doctor still wanted to biopsy due to other signs so I’m not feeling hopeful. Probably more curious now as it seems strange to have a tumour decrease in size. Thanks! 


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    Hi @Tillycat, I have not experienced your situation.  Pre my breast cancer I had a few biopsies but all turned out to be cysts so fingers crossed for you. Just wanted to wish you all the best. Take care