Food and chemo

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Hey, can’t see it’s been discussed but mum’s doing Dr Google about foods whilst on chemo and coming out with weird things that contradict what I witnessed when working on kids cancer ward (eg no ice or cold things when I saw many finding ice cream and jelly soothing). 
Mum’s starting TC next week and the thread on that has been fabulous in reassuring mum and tips regarding side effects, though yes I know everyone reacts differently. She is diabetic (type 2) and obese. Apart from food hygiene and tips? She’s looking at alternative recommendations as well as has seen dietitian once. Thanks ladies, wish she’d come on here herself but she doesn’t trust the internet in forums etc. Keep well and safe x


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    Dear @GenK

    Try and steer your Mum away from Dr Google, it does not help and most sites are simply promoting their own commercial ends. Apart from any dietary choices that your GP or specialist recommends for diabetes, the short answer is a healthy mixed diet. Limit alcohol, sugar (that includes fruit juice and soft drinks), processed meat. Small portions four times a day may help with weight. More veggies, fish, eggs. Frozen veggies or fruit are fine, I’ve never heard about not eating cold things. I lost my taste buds on Taxol and could only taste a few things (salad, bananas, eggs and avocado!) but it was excellent for weight control! My sense of taste returned as soon as my 12 weeks of Taxol were over but yes, it was boring. Best of luck. 
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    I think if you mum has diabetes best to stick to what she eats now and enjoys. Veges, fruit and protein is great. Fish is good too. I did a beetroot  apple, celery, ginger and spinach drink before chemo and a couple days after but each to their own. Some people's taste buds are impacted, mine wasn't. I never really changed my diet, just ate healthy food. Best of luck 
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    Thanks ladies. Trying to remind mum to avoid google, easier said than done but I try to remind her of the facts and personal stories (deidentified) really helps me settle her and get some information through. Fingers crossed 
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    From the BCNA website

    As to Dr Google -  as afraser said previously, steer her away, she can't be confident that what's she's reading is correct.  At her stage of treatment her Medical team are her go to!
    Your previous posts suggests your Mum is stubborn and hence you need to be gentle in redirecting her

    The link above is from the BCNA website.  The website is a wealth of information and the forum is a wealth of experience 

    Take care and look after yourself as well as