Papillary carcinoma and hormone therapy

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Hi, I've recently had my first mastectomy for solid papillary carcinoma.  (Will have remaining breast removed in a few months when sufficiantly healed). I see an oncologist this week to discuss hormone therapy but am very anxious about side  effects. Has any with a similar cancer had success or otherwise going down this road. ? I am so tempted to say no to this treatment. ❤


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    Hi I had lobular cancer - 2 years ago.
    Double mastectomy, radiotherapy ( due to size of tumour even though not in lymph nodes) and after waiting a suitable period of time reconstructive surgery.
    I have been in hormone therapy for 18 months , first Letrazole then anastrazole.
    I read lots of material and the statistics are with hormone positive cancer this therapy significantly  reduces the chance of the cancer coming back.
    My oncologist said see if you have side effects before getting ahead of yourself.
    I went well for the first 12 months then developed trigger thumb and carpel tunnel.
    I recently had a cortisone injection and it was pretty effective.
    I may have surgery on the hand but I am going to do everything I can to keep on the tablets given the alternative.
    In summary try the therapy , you may have no side effects or only mild effects and if you do get bad side effects talk to your oncologist and even consider getting a second opinion.
    I could have moved to tamoxifen which is less impact in terms of joint pain etc but it’s less effective on lobular so I didn’t go there.
    Take care🌺
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    Thank you Julez, appreciate that xx