Suspected Fibroadenoma after DCIS

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Hello, firstly thank you to all who contribute to these great discussions which have been a great source of information and much-needed humour at times for me over the last 12 months. While I have visited and read the discussion board many times, this is the first time I have actually posted myself! 
After being diagnosed with high-grade DCIS in my right breast 12 months ago, I underwent a lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy (all during lockdown), my 12 month checkup this week (mammogram and ultrasound) has now revealed a tumour in my left breast. Here we go again….
I had my appointment with my breast surgeon today and he is quite confident that the new tumour is a Fibroadenoma, which I was relieved to hear is a benign tumour. I am scheduled for a biopsy on 4 July (I live in regional NSW so waiting for such tests is not unusual), to make sure it is not a malignant cancer. And the waiting begins….
In the meantime I am interested to know whether other people have had Fibroadenomas removed although they are benign? Or have they just kept an eye on them?
At this point, my surgeon is more than happy to remove the tumour even if it is benign and I am leaning that way as the thought of another tumour in my body so soon after the DCIS is rather disconcerting. Though another surgery and recovery is also something to consider, especially as I am still fatigued and not really back to my pre-treatment health from last year. I am 53.
I am a bit triggered and anxious, but also relieved that like the DCIS, they are onto it. 


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    I don’t have a fibroadenoma but I do have a schwannoma, round and smooth, near my right armpit (I had a mastectomy of the left breast). It too is benign, can move and may need to be removed some time but I am not in a hurry to have my right armpit dug around in as well (in the nicest surgical way!) so I am happy to
    follow my surgeon’s advice and just monitor any changes. My surgeon has been my go to person for any lumps and bumps for almost a decade! Nothing serious, most easily removed but always reassuring to have them checked promptly. Best wishes. 
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    Be guided by your medical team, they are the experts!  You don't want it to stay and always wonder if it's changed.  
    Take care and best wishes