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Greetings all from Adelaide. Just wanted to ask you all quick question about any ongoing issues any of you might have after going through your BC journey. I was diagnosed in 2015 and had a mastectomy (with lymph node removal) and reconstruction. I have been luckily been given the all clear by my breast surgeon every year since. 

My concern today is that yesterday i started having this aching pain underneath the left arm. This was the arm that had the lymph nodes removed back in 2015. It feels like there is a bruise (there isn't - i checked) or that I have strained the muscle. It is still ongoing as of this morning. I did have a recent check up a couple of weeks ago where the breast surgeon gave the ok - noticed a little fat necrosis in the reconstructed boob, but otherwise ok. 

Is this something I should be concerned about? I understand that I will have these occasional 'twangs" ongoing - but this is different. It feels "raw" under there/side boob area. I dont have a breast cancer nurse (I got my BC early and went the surgery route) and had no chemotherapy/radiotherapy. I am thinking about ringing my breast surgeon and at least speaking to the nurse. 
Thanks all for your assistance/suggestions. 
Rachel H


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    It’s always worth having something checked out, particularly if it causes you some anxiety. There may be all sorts of explanations but sooner found, sooner fixed. Best wishes. 
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    Hi my GP is an amazing lady and she never makes me feel like a hypochondriac - if I raise something with her - she just says “ you have been through the mill” and always gives me the time of day.
    I would start with my GP and get a referral to where you need to be referred - better to be safe than sorry.