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Had my right masectomy n right axcillary clearance on 19 May. Today met up with my breast specialist that the result shows is grade 3 n the tumor is 7cm n 3 lymph nodes affected. But my left breast ultrsound initially show as burnout fibroadenoma now the surgeon wants it to have a biopsy for confirmation. Also my PET scan shows some activity in my liver so need to do a liver MRI for futher investigation. I'm so devastated n lost. I want to fight back but seems to get bad news after bad news.I really don't know what to do.


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    Dear @Siewli,
    I'm sure other network members will have some good words of support and advice. I will just say

    and best wishes from jennyss in Western NSW
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    @Siewli - this news is a set-back but you will fight it and you will win !
    Have confidence that your specialists are doing the right thing in ordering the investigations and they will have a plan for you going forward.
    We all know the waiting is hard, probably harder than tests and treatment at times.
    As @Afraser says, look after yourself and be ready with boxing gloves on.
    Thinking of you.  💖
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    Hi there
    i can relate !
    I had a petscan due to the size of my tumour (5.5cm) and it showed something suspicious in my thyroid.
    I then had a thyroid biopsy and it showed cancer - not a spread of the breast cancer but a completely independent cancer.
    I convinced myself while waiting the results of the Petscan it was stage 4 breast cancer and I was going to die soon.
    In the end there was no cancer in my lymph nodes and I was stage 2 breast cancer - I had the thyroid removed when I finished my breast radiotherapy.
    My surgeon told me I was “ lucky” the  Petscan  showed up the thyroid issue as otherwise it might have showed up in 5 years time as a lump and might be harder to treat.
    I sure did not feel lucky!
    Not everything that is suspicious on a Petscan is cancer so try not to over think it.
     Thats easy  for me to say - I was in a state of high anxiety waiting for my various results.
    Take care and trust in your medical team and remember we are here for you.🌺
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    Sending you best wishes 💐
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    @jennyss @Afraser @June1952 @Julez1958 @Cath62 Thanks for your support and response. I really pray hard that it's contained to my right breast and rignt axcillary nodes only. Just so hard to take it in that I have gone through test after test to receive bad news after 1 another. Sorry for whinging or upset here. Just got to pick up courage and face it.
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    Don’t be sorry - this is where you can say anything at all that helps! 
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    Thinking of you @Siewli - it is overwhelming in the initial stages. Never apologise as you are not whinging. Come on here anytime - we all get it and there is so much good advice. You will do this. @Afraser told me when I first posted here that I would get through it, well, 2 and a half years later, I now know she was right! Ask any questions, nothing is off limits. 
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    @Mazbeth Thanks for reaching out. Since 21 Apr my first ultrasound scan follow by biopsy n PET scan n surgery till now, the amount of anxiety n fear has built up. I'm so scared that from initially staging stage 3 to become 4. 😭. Can't help feeling that it's a death sentence.😭It's hard to see my 14 year old girl so scare that I will leave her although I have a supporting husband.